June 29, 2022

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Warrior West: Defense Solutions & Training Together for the First Time

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ADS teams up with PFC at Warrior West

If you are setting up your April calendar don’t miss Warrior Expo West 18-19 April in San Diego this year, Spotter Up won’t.  Out of Virginia Beach Virginia, ADS, Inc. is a leading defense, security and law enforcement material solutions provider.

They host two mini-defense trade shows yearly, Warrior Expo West & Warrior Expo East.  These are unique events where handpicked solutions to some of our pressing defense and security issues are showcased.  ADS has kicked it up a notch this year by offering some much-needed, cool and pertinent training.

There’s going to be some cutting edge products presented at Warrior Expo West by 250 vendors.  We will be covering it as we have with other seminal events like this.  Defense/Security trade shows never disappoint and ADS ramps up the “goodness” by offering on site learning.  Progressive F.O.R.C.E. Concepts is offering three often sought and timely courses.

They are:

Modern Use of Force – a review of specific use-of-force topics with the goal of before a high stress situation preparing the individual to make solid justifiable decisions in the heat of the moment and properly articulate those decisions after.

Battle-Born Leadership – teaches tactical leadership principles as epitomized from real world incidents.

Surviving Active Violence Events – How to assess, react to, and survive a violent event in the workplace, school or public event.

Training is being presented by Progressive F.O.R.C.E. Concepts (PFC).  They are 20 year security focused training providers.  Their instructors each have decades of experience in the subjects being offered.  Each course is just two hours long making them a great opportunity to take advantage of some awesome instruction and still enjoy the event.


The one downside to awesome events like this is they aren’t open to the public. Warrior Expos is free to attend but intended for military, federal, state and local government agencies, law enforcement, first responders, qualified defense or government contractors.  If you are a first responder. Government employee, law enforcement or security contractor in the San Diego area in mid-April this is a no miss event.  You can get more information and register for the courses here.  Class sizes are limited so don’t wait.

For those that can’t make it or can’t get in stay tuned.  Spotter Up will be there and sharing the most interesting, unique and new security solutions out there.



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