June 3, 2023

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Warrior Assault Systems Covert Plate Carrier from Chase Tactical

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MG_9900Years ago I had to purchase a carrier for concealable body armor. The carrier which originally came with the armor wore out at rub spots along the edge, after a little over a year of use. As disappointing as that was for a good armor product, the $90 price tag for a new carrier was even more so. Had I known at that time about the Warrior Assault Systems Covert Plate Carrier, I would have definitely given it consideration over the original manufacturer’s product.


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We were sent the Cover Plate Carrier by Chase Tactical. WAS is a United Kingdom based company, which makes it their focus to produce quality, field-proven gear, and do so at efficient cost margins to the end-user. Founded in 2005, their “mission is the design, development and manufacture of high quality gear that could withstand the severity of front line combat. Functionality, durability and overall weight reduction” are seen as fundamentals in performance enhancement of end users.


Slim Profile

Chase Tactical is a veteran-owned small business, which focuses on a specific product spectrum which meet their stringent requirements. The owners of Chase rely on their own military and public safety experience in product selection. The WAS Covert Plate Carrier clearly employs the simplicity and quality that the company advertises. It is a slick, shooter’s cut PC, which completely adjusts to the user’s size. Both the cummberbund and the shoulder straps have an almost infinite Velcro and elastic adjustment, to allow for use on a wide range of operators. This is a no-frills carrier, and functions seamlessly when a covert armor option is needed.


It is smooth inside and out, offering front and back Velcro panels for identification. I appreciate the discipline of this minimalistic style. Had WAS swayed from the slick, low profile function of the carrier, even one line of MOLLE or an extra pocket would defeat the design and purpose.

The Covert Plate Carrier will accept most SAPI style plates. Although AR/metal plates will leave a bit of space and wiggle room, the closure flaps can be tightened to allow for use of those as well. Soft armor fits with no issues, and In-Conjunction Armor types will also find that they can use the CPC as an added layer of protection in a pinch. It is easily donned over an existing soft armor, when utilizing Level IV plates.IMG_9186

Unlike the aforementioned replacement carrier I described earlier, the CPC is made of nylon which will not tear or fray with severe use. Yet it allows for a level of breathability because it isn’t over-built. I used it in 90-100 degree F heat, for a 10- 12 hour shifts. It was as comfortable as the circumstances allowed, and dried quickly.


Enough Velcro for your happy morale swag and your unit ID

A unique feature of the Covert Plate Carrier is the fact that the sides of the cummberbund have 2 elastic mag holders each. While designed for an AR-type magazines, you can put anything in there from tourniquets, to combat bandages, to radios and even pistol mags, with a little bit of creative grunt engineering. Even with those items in place, the CPC allows for sufficient concealment under a buttoned down shirt, jacket or a suit.


Enough Velcro for your happy morale swag and your unit ID, Lock and Load Java & Delia Tactical

It is an ideal carrier for covert operations, plain clothes and dignitary type missions. With that said, the good looks and ID panels on the vest allow it to be easily worn over any attire or uniform, not only adding to the intended function but also to a professional look. The one piece large Velcro cummberbund is simple and effective, and is quick to adjust with gloves or in a hasty situation. A large piece of Velcro on each sides secures it to the center torso area in the front.


On the back, it is secured with an additional flap, and eliminates the risk of shifting or bending under a load. I truly enjoyed using and testing this carrier. I did enhance the shoulder straps a little, by utilizing an additional pad. In that case the little extra bulk was not an issue to me, and helped with the added weight. However, when a true concealment is required, the original straps are plenty, and do not cut into the neck or shoulders of the user.


My only hope is that at some point Warrior Assault Systems might offer an option with a side pocket or a folding flap for full soft armor, so that anyone can switch from another manufacturer’s carrier, to a CPC. For around $100 price tag, and several color configurations, the Warrior Assault Systems Covert Plate Carrier is a great addition to any load out tool box.

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