Lift violently. Today is about building power.
Prior to the movement prep, I generally get prepared for training on the AAB or rower. If you’re feeling good, feel free to load up on the hip thrusts in the latter sets.
The clean pulls are not meant to be touch and go. Get a good, heavy pull, reset yourself, then hit the next rep. Same goes with the box jumps. We are not doing them as a means of cardio. We are using them to build explosive power. Set a height that is challenging, STEP down off the box, then hit the next rep. If you don’t have a landmine attachment, you can drop a weight on the ground and put the end of the barbell in the center of the weight. It will work for what we’re doing. When you’re doing these I want you to explode during the eccentric portion of the movement. Like you’re trying to punch through somebody. Landmines are programmed as 8 on each arm.
300 calories on the AAB is gonna suck. No getting around it. Find a pace you can sustain and don’t burn out halfway in. Personally, I like to set a pace almost like a ruck where I push hard for 2 minutes and take a moderate pace for a minute. Mentally it also helps me because I can break the workout into chunks and I’m not thinking about how much I have left.
Good week of training.  We’ll take a well deserved rest day on Sunday.

By Brian T

Hey guys, I'm Brian. I've been in the military around 11 years at this point in 11 and 18 series jobs. I started Modern Athlete Strength Solutions not just to give it the cool nickname of MASS, but to provide free strength and conditioning training to those that want to cut through the BS, not pay $100 for a generic program, and develop their athleticism through qualified S&C coaches. I am also the Executive Director at Operation RSF, a 501c3 non-profit that provides education and community initiatives on how fitness benefits mental health.

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