Fri. Jul 3rd, 2020

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“Take care of your feet and they’ll take care of you.” A common phrase you hear in the military and for the right reasons. As humans, we spend hours and hours a day on our feet whether its on the job, on the field, in the gym or out walking the dog. They’re something you want to continue to take care of. That being said, I take my footwear very seriously. On the upside, there are thousands of options when it comes to shoes, boots, etc, so there is something for everyone. The downside…is that there are thousands of options out there, so it can be difficult to take the time to research and try out what is best for your foot.

I recently had the opportunity to lace up the Johnny Combat Merc boots by Viktos. They are a minimalist style, mid height boot that are designed to fit your rugged needs of multi-use field boots with the feel of your everyday casual shoe. The bottom of the boot is made up of a rubber heal and toe overlay with a reinforced toe box that is perfect for when you are runnin’ and gunnin’ on tough terrain. The top of the boot is comprised of a nylon/synthetic combo for ultimate support without the weight of other combat boots.

One of my favorite aspects is the rear entry zipper that allows for manipulation of the amount of support that fits your specific need. When it comes to patrolling or high-speed maneuvering, you can zip up the back for full support and stability for your ankles. Then when it’s time to holster up, and hop in the vehicle, taking down the rear zipper allows for full rotation and movement.

The Johnny Combat has become my go-to boot for many activities as far as hiking, hitting the range, hopping in the wind tunnel or even jumping out of a perfectly good airplane. They are stylish enough to wear with a pair of jeans or the work uniform. They come in 3 different color options to fit whatever that work uniform may be. Nightfjall (yes that j belongs in there), which is their all black boot, Spartan, which is an OD green with a black trim around the top and Winterlochen, which is an OD green with a white sole and white trim up top. You can pick them up on their website for $125.00 which can be a big impact on the wallet. But compared to some of the other named companies, they are about an average price. Again, you only get one pair of feet, so it’s up to you on how you’re going to outfit them. In my opinion, I’d rather sacrifice a few extra bucks for quality and comfort over saving money on boots that won’t last as long or provide the proper protection they require.

Overall, I have been very pleased with the feel and durability of this boot. With the rear zipper, it gives me the option of adding more comfort and movement for less high impact situations and then the heavy support for when it’s time to turn it on. The Johnny Combat boot is something I would recommend for those who are in the market for finding new quality footwear. Viktos is also a family run business made up of industry and military veterans. Can’t beat that. Boots aren’t their only products either. They have a lot of other gear to outfit any other needs you need to cover from jackets (casual and tactical), gloves, workout gear, lounging around gear and more. I suggest checking them out and seeing for yourself everything they have to offer.

Durability: 5/5 stars

Comfort: 5/5 stars

Price: 4/5 stars

Style: 5/5 stars

Support: 5/5 stars

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