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Ultimate Hybrid Technologies IWB Holster

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Ultimate Hybrid Technologies IWB Holster

As a police officer for more than half of my life, carrying a gun on a daily basis is something that I am not only used to, but I am obligated to do both on and off duty.  I have gone through my fair share of concealment holsters over the years, some really good and some not so much.  Holster technology sure has come a long way since the thin piece of felt-like material with a plastic clip that did nothing more than cover the weapon (Barely).  Kydex is the new wave of holster material that enables a much more secure fit than ever before, however sometimes the plastic can be a bit uncomfortable to wear over long periods of time.  When I was asked to evaluate and review the Ultimate Hybrid Holster, I was a little skeptical for two reasons:  1. I’ve never been a big fan of the “One holster fits all” and 2. Is this going to be just another “Plastic” holster?

In conducting some research for this article, I discovered that Doug P also reviewed this holster a few months back and I do agree with pretty much everything that he stated.  There are some things in reviewing the UHT that I’m not going to rehash here since it’s already been covered by Doug and there is no need to state the same things.

The first thing I noticed as I opened the package when it arrived at my house was that this looked very different from other IWB holsters with the MemoryCORE™ Backer on the UHT.  The belt clip was a bit bulky and stuck out a bit farther than I am normally used to.  The UHT website says “The benefit of this holster is its ability to fit over 200 firearm models. This wide selection allows you to carry multiple handguns using the same holster.”  Depending on how it works out, it would be great not to have to depend on having numerous holsters on the shelf based on the EDC needs of the situation.

For a couple days, I only wore the holster around the house trying to break it in and get the feel of it.  For the purpose of this review, I used a Glock 26 and Glock 43 rotated throughout my every day off-duty carry.  I figured that the size difference between the two handguns will give me a great perspective on the capability of the hybrid holster.  The Glock 43 definitely fits a lot looser and there is quite a bit of play in the holster.  When I put the UHT on however, the gun seemed to snug up and I didn’t have a problem with how secure it felt.  Admittedly, I am not a big fan of appendix carry as all gun/holster combinations always dig into me and I don’t find it comfortable at all.  I normally carry in the 3-5 o’clock position as that is what is natural for me and what I did for the vast majority of testing the UHT.

My first venture out into the real world carrying the UHT was with the Glock 43.  It was to a family gathering and I was wearing only a T-Shirt and a pair of shorts and never had an issue with it all day.

Actually, it was so much more comfortable than other holsters you could almost forget you had it on.  Next I decided to carry the Glock 26 in the UHT on a day out and about with my son.  Again, even with the much wider gun it wasn’t an issue with all the running around we did while getting in and out of the truck all day.  I have since been carrying the UHT every day while rotating the G43 and G26 and haven’t had any issues with retention or comfort to speak of.

My last evaluation of the UHT was to wear it to the range and put it to the test while drawing, obtaining a firing grip, shooting, and then re-holstering from the line.  I conducted this test with both the G43 and the G26 while carrying in the 4 o’clock position.  I didn’t have any issues obtaining a good shooting grip on either weapon or being able to present to the target quickly and efficiently.  Being able to holster the weapon after each string of firing was a different story.  The fact that the inside of the holster is not made of Kydex, it collapsed almost closed after each draw.  This is what makes the holster extremely comfortable to carry, however the holstering while wearing it was a tricky proposition.  Every time I was ready to holster, I had to look back and slowly and carefully guide the muzzle of the gun into the small opening in the top of the UHT.  This is not something that I would try to do in a hurry or under extreme stress and keeping your fingers and surrounding clothing out of the trigger guard is imperative for safety.  I wouldn’t use this holster in an on-duty capacity for the fact that re-holstering quickly and safely is very important in the event you need to go hands on a suspect after a shooting, or if the threat lowers and deadly force is no longer warranted.


Cost – List price is $54.95 for the Mk II with the Tacware belt clip and $64.95 for the MK I with the Utiliclip.  The prices have gone up about $15.00 each since other reviews were written about 6 months ago.  Honestly, they aren’t too bad especially as they are marketing the UHT as the only holster you will need.  5

Comfort – Easily the most comfortable IWB holster I have used. 5

Durability – As of right now, the holster is holding up nicely.  I can’t wait to see what the foam backing going to be like after sweating on it for several months in the Arizona summer.  3

Functionality – Again, as of right now the UHT has worked out good for me and my needs.  I do wish the belt clip was a bit thinner so it doesn’t appear to stick out so far.  The way the holster collapses closed when the gun is removed is still the biggest issue I have.  Luckily, for me this will be strictly an off-duty holster only and shouldn’t be as big of an issue if it were something I had to carry at work.  3

Weight – Lightweight and easy to wear all day. 5

Overall rating – 21.  The UHT changed my pre-conceived negativity of hybrid holsters and I will continue to use this for my off-duty carry where appropriate.  I wouldn’t mind seeing UHT create a few gun specific holsters with the foam backing for those of us who are restricted to the makes and models of guns we can carry daily.… at least until I retire.  J

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