Big thanks to Brady Pesola for this review. He runs the San Diego School Of Survival an his non-profit, Triple B Adventures

I previously did a review on the TravTac Onyx bag. This “Value Bag” as they call it, is half the size of the Onyx and foreign made. So what’s the difference?  Well for one the foreign made, while cheaper in price, is cheaply made. Foreign ones don’t tend to stand up to American made but they get the job done when you need it. And for foreign made, these packs are pretty damn decent! I love the color variants but of course I went with black.

The value bags are great when the price tag of American made products go outside what some are willing pay. The bag was used by TravTac to design the Onyx, which is the American made version. This bag however doesn’t come clean and allow for modulations to fit your needs; you will have to fit your needs around the current design of the bag. Which isn’t completely a bad thing. It means less hassle for the person who buys it, wants to put their gear in it and get moving. The bag itself is smaller than the Onyx, which is perfect for women and children. With a little ingenuity, you can attach it to backpacks and increase the range and use of the bag for the outdoors and hiking.

I wouldn’t recommend this bag for hiking; there aren’t a lot of places to put water and gear you need for a day hike on your local trails. Then again that is depending on what kind of hiker you are and what gear you carry. This bag is great for other applications like a daily EDC for your gear. Depending on your job this can be used for a myriad of applications both tactical and non-tactical occupations.

In the pictures you will see I use the same EDC for this bag as I do for the bigger bag, and depending on who you are and what you do, your EDC will vary, but as for mine, my equipment stuffs it to the max which can be a downside when needing to get to gear quickly. The other option is sacrifice gear that may have low priority, which I don’t like, but then again I tend to pack redundancies in my gear. That being said once I figure out what I need and don’t, it’s great to carry around and quick to take off, adjust or move to access what I need, including drawing my Glock 19.  Another cool thing is the Velcro on the outside that I can put another admin pouch that TravTax sells, or ammo, or just about anything. That way I can still mix it up a little with what the value bag offers and TravTac’s own gear.

All being said the pros outweigh the cons, for its price you cant beat it.

Check out the specs below for more information.

Product Details:

  • Small Premium Sling Pack
  • Heavy Duty 900D Fabric
  • 3 Way Carry (Chest Pack , Back Sling or Hand Carry)
  • Three zippered compartments
  • Padded Back Pocket suited for Concealed Carry / CCW
  • MOLLE Webbing
  • Ambidextrous


  • This is a Small Sling Pack. See photos for scale to confirm it suits your needs
  • Main Bag Exterior: 8.3 x 4.3 x 10.2 inches
  • Detachable Shoulder Strap: Adjusts 26″ to 42″ in length
  • Approximate Volume: 320 / 5.2L

NOTE: We don’t recommend this bag if you need to carry an iPad Pro or iPad Air. An iPad mini or similar size tablets fit fine. Please review dimensions and pictures to confirm it fits your needs.

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