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My Trail Co HL Shirt – the new cool

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When it comes to mission-oriented clothing, the base layer is probably the most critical component, and often the most overlooked. Your GI-issued system (if that’s your mission) might consist of pretty fancy mid and external layers, your OCPs or BDU’s probably underwent several upgrades, but your t-shirts have generally remained the same for years. Lets not even mention those skivvies. There are some traditional and some high-end choices out there, as the naughty professor put it “Spandex, all spandex!” MyTrail Co offers some awesome base layer options which will not break the bank, and are most certainly no gimmick.

MyTrail is a company formed out of a company, a business recovered and sustained because of customer and product loyalty. The fact that the founder Demetri Coupounas chose to continue with this Colorado-based venture is proof that he was onto something, and the HL shirt was proof to me that the “polyester box knit” does what it claims it does. I got the shirt, and after the first time wearing it thought that a good description would be that it didn’t feel like I was wearing it. It was like Silkies for your upper frame. Then I read the actual description on the MyTrail site, and found “in most conditions it feels like you’re not event wearing it.”

 Before the game

Like many on Spotter Up team, I have tried many under and base layers in different conditions. Usually work related. Desert, hot trucks, messy structures… I thought that no less of a test, and as true of a test of a garment, would be to wear it during a hockey game with our local Marauders veteran hockey team. Contrary to some misconceptions, being on ice doesn’t mean being cold, especially at the indoor rink. Add chest protector pads, breezers which kind of overlap the chest protector, other pads, covered by socks and 60 minutes of sprinting on ice, and you have a nice sweat box.

My first impression of the MyTrail Co HL long sleeve shirt, was that it’s fitting but not snug. It’s by no means a compression fit, which probably helps the air management and comfort, and something I can really appreciate. I could have went with a size larger than usual if I really wanted a looser fit, and it still would have looked nice. There are no seams or tags, and sewing was top-notch, with no loose threads after several games and washes. The HL also did not stretch or shrink after several washes, but I made sure to follow the instructions.

Wearing the HL was very comfortable. It was air light, and when I did start working up a sweat, I didn’t feel like it was against my skin, nor the soaked shirt itself. I expected it to be pretty wet after I took it off, but it didn’t look it. My pads were, which means the moisture is truly wicked away.  The moisture and heat felt away from my body, and toward the protective equipment. What’s even cooler, is that once I took the HL off, I felt dry.

Wearing the HL on its own is just plain comfortable. It’s light, looks athletic, and fits very well. MyTrail Co describes the HL as a hiking shirt, and it definitely shines there. Air flow is great as already mentioned, and there are no hot spots. To top it off, the HL is antimicrobial, and offers UPF 30 reated protection. With 4 color choices, and a weight of 4 oz, I can’t think why you wouldn’t have several on hand for your workouts, trips on the town and especially R.E.D. Fridays. My only request is that MyTrail makes one in coyote brown, so that we can actually wear it under OCPs. The HL lists on MyTrail site at $35 sale price. You can find it, and the size guide here.

No sweat stains after the game

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