June 29, 2022

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These violent delights have violent ends

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“Men always quick to issue violence and slow to administer peace never understood the true essence of a certain power and its fields of influence. It begins somewhere along a wave of restraint and builds to an excess yet it never rolls to an end. It is a capacity that develops into something in the future that can be used for good or abused for evil. Understood properly it is a latent promise that can be harnessed to shape the world and it must be held under a secure command. It isn’t a matter of having it or not having it, in fact all men will have some of it but will never have all of it. Men who cannot issue it accordingly never understood how it must be issued sparingly for it is given by divine authority. The source of this power is love and used in moderation helps men mature, and have respect for men and nature. Used honorably it allows men to create, develop and even sever relationships that are lasting and meaningful even as it never seeks to control. A comprehension of it even allows men to perceive what it needs to destroy. This power although bequeathed, must be developed and nurtured but it never dies as it only wanes, and it eventually returns to its source when a man’s life expires. Those who ignore an incorruptible source are truly acting out of their own regard, and its nature is replaced by another source as it becomes corrupted, and can consume its user in an immediate or a long suffering destruction because the steward’s appetite will never be satiated.”~Michael Kurcina

~*These violent delights have violent ends.*~William Shakespeare


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