There is tons of information out there to guide shooters on how to improve their shooting and stage runs. There is however, a severe lack of information on the nuances of USPSA rules and just general need to know information on how to attend a USPSA match. There is much more information to be covered but for this first video I wanted to discuss general attitude and etiquette for attending your first match. Being humble, not trying to prove yourself, focusing on your shooting and not what others are judging, and not arguing with the Range Officer are a few keys to having a successful first match.

By Ben Johnson

Ben Johnson spent six years as a USMC Machine Gunner. He deployed three times to Afghanistan as a gunner, team leader, and section leader and left the Marines in 2015. After leaving the Marines he attended college and earned his Bachelors in Business Administration in 2019. He is currently raising his three small sons with his wife, while continuing to learn as much as he can about firearms, and pass that knowledge on. He also dryfires entirely too much in his basement.

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