ADS Federal Range Day was at Trijicon’s Crucible Training Facility in Fredericksburg, VA on Friday, June 9 from 0900 to 1400.

Much of this is old hat to some but for others this may be the new gear you need.

Impressive as always was the Matbock booth. Matbock specializes in unique military gear designed to specifically meet deficiencies in current equipment. Relying on their own tactical experiences, they developed extensive product lines that not only increases operator’s effectiveness but also decreases their load out.

We were most impressed with their Berserker Minimalist Carrier. This has been on the market awhile but always good to see quality kit.

$265.00 Specs and Details: Constructed out of MATBOCK Ghost and Ghost Lite fabric, this IIIA plate carrier weighs only 8 oz.  MOLLE panels cover the bottom half of the front and the back for low vis operations requiring additional gear, and the skeletonize side panels help keep weight down. Comes with a reinforced drag handle tested successfully out to 450 lbs. 

$150.00 At 6.5 feet long, the stretcher is long enough to accommodate all operators and has a maximum carrying capacity of 400 lbs for both the operator and his/her gear.  The stretcher has 5 handles per side to give each team a multitude of configurations for carrying a downed man.  When paired with the Combat Carbon Poles (sold separately), you get the lightest semi-rigid expedient medical litter / stretcher available at only 3.5 lbs total weight.  Combat Carbon Poles found here 

Additionally, the litter collapses and zips together to form an essential multipurpose lightweight bag for operators to collect items such as Sensitive Site Exploitation (SSE) Material or gear from a downed man.  The bag is augmented with a single adjustable strap for easy carry when loaded, a drawstring to secure the bag contents, and is small enough to fold up and be stored in a cargo pocket.


Technical Specifications: 
  • Dimensions:

    • As a bag: 29 inches x 24 inches
    • Volume of bag: 4,222 cubic inches (69 liters)

    • As a stretcher: 78 inches x 29 inches
    • Rolled for storage: 9 inches x 4.5 inches x 2 inches
  • Weight: 10oz
  • Maximum carrying capacity: 400lbs

$600.00 The Emergency Medical Aviator Bag (EMAB) was developed in coordination with the aviation community to meet specific operational requirements.  Utilizing MATBOCK’s Ghost material, we were significantly able to reduce weight and bulk while also protecting the contents of the bag from aircraft fluid damage. 

This lightweight bag opens up and closes down at the bottom.

A nylon bag opens up from the inside

Bag feature:

– Stowable shoulder straps to reduce snag hazards while bag is mounted to the frame.
– Reinforced carabiner attachment points for connection to aircraft
– Expandable 8” compartment to increase the volume of the bag by 920 cubic inches
– Quick access “dump pouch” for E&E situations. Quickly open, stuff flight plans, gloves or sensitive items. Additional 1,008 cubic inches
– Each zipper can be secured to the bag with tags for inventory control
– Weather resistant index card identification pocket.

Without bottom section: 2180 cubic inches
With bottom section: 3100 cubic inches

Weight of EMAB: 3lbs

Without bottom section: 12.75” x 9” x 19”
With bottom section: 12.75” x 9” x 27”

Assault Panels


Made from MATBOCK Ghost and Tegris these panels will not absorb water and are perfect for maritime operations. Configure the panels with any pouches to support the operation.

Dimensions: 9.25″ x 5.25″ (23.50cm x 13.34cm)

Weight: 2.5oz

Orion Coolers

Standard Features:

Simply put, Orion Coolers offer you more than any other cooler with their standard features, by far.  We integrate all these Made in USA features to ensure that, out of the box, you get all you need.

Tactical Distributors had their Carlos Ray pants and a shooter’s shirt to go with it. Lightweight, low profile. Good for the range, hiking, and a trip to the store with your CCW. Regular button snaps for quick access instead of buttons. A stiffer material was put on the inside of the shirt above the hem so the user could access the shirt by sliding the shirt to the side for access to the holster.

This was nice to see. I continue to see brands creating gear that gun users can use for on and off the range. At one time it was hard to find anything other than ‘tactical’ style.

The new & improved Carlos Ray Pants are back.  They feature all the bells & whistles to allow for the sweetest Chuck Norris high kicks in the land!  They have it all…durable, stretch, cotton/twill fabric for ease of movement.  Also, articulated knee pleats and gusseted crotch for a great fit.  Double back pockets, back leg utility pocket & reinforced front pockets.

– Stretch Cotton Twill Fabric 97% Cotton 3% Spandex

– Tactical reinforced pocketing

– Improved front shank button

– Articulated knees

– Gusseted crotch

Angel ArmorTRUTH SNAP Magnetic Plate System

  • Revolutionary trauma plates provide advanced handgun, rifle, stab and special threat protection
  • Rifle threat protection integrated in an ultra lightweight package for extended, all-day use
  • Multi-round capable plates exceed NIJ standards
  • Magnetic SNAP system provides tiered threat protection — armor up or down
  • SNAP two tactical plates for Level III special threat armor that protects against common rounds from the AK-47 and 5.56x45mm M193
  • Variety of sizes and cuts available, ranging from 5 x 8″ to 10 x 12″
  • Designed to be used in conjunction with RISE Concealable Armor System or other soft body armor vests

More info to come on the London Bridge Vest. Insert your own weight plate from the gym or armor.

Blue Force Gear’s Marking and Recognition Chemstick Organizer Dispenser – MARCO – is a more efficient, effective and compact way to carry marking lights for room clearing. With the MARCO dispenser, users can save critical time during preparation during pre-mission tasks by not having to unwrap, tape and bundle chem sticks.

The dispensers design makes it simple for users – simply open the Mylar package with the pre-loaded dispenser, insert the MARCO dispenser inside of the belt or MOLLE holster and proceed with the mission. The design prevents the accidental activation of a chem stick, which can cause unwanted light.

In addition to being used during missions, the MARCO dispenser also has valuable application to the hunting world when out in the field trailing downed game at night.

The 2-inch mini chem sticks deployed from the MARCO dispenser provide the equivalent light of a 4-inch chem stick as seen through Night Vision devices and are self illuminating, continuing to glow rain or shine.


More to come. We rushed back from the show to try and post this!