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I have been a Peltor man for the majority of my career. I like having my ears covered though it causes additional issues with having situational awareness regarding the direction the sound is coming from. I had the privilege of testing the Clarus in training and then handed it off to be tested down range, which resulted in a great review of a great product. With think in mind, I was excited to get my hands on the Clarus Pro Lite to see what it could do.

Unlike its big brother, the Clarus Pro Lite is just hearing protection / Enhancement system therefore there was no testing of the system in an actual combat situation or training situation that involved communications. I decided to take the system places where I would not need a radio but I still needed the protection and the ability to communicate with those around me.

Test 1: C-17 flight

Many of you reading this have experienced the long flights on a C-17 across the country or overseas. The constant loud noise forces you to throw foam ear plugs or noise cancelling headphones in to help dampen the noise on the flight. This trip I decided to use the Clarus Pro Lite and was amazed at its noise cancelling capabilities. When someone was trying to have a conversation with me I was able to understand and respond back with an actual answer rather than “WHAT?!”

The foam ear inserts were comfortable and did not become painful over a long flight. I kept the system connected to my belt and it was out of the way after I ran the cable down my shirt.

A solid win for the Clarus Pro Lite.

Test 2: Flat Range: CMMS M4/Glock19

The system performed well during the flat range though, as happened with the Clarus, I ended up working a bit to tuck the long wire away. The benefit of the long wire is that it allows you options for where you want to connect it, a simple rubber band allowed me to wrap excess and keep it out of the way, but it still gets in the way at times.

The different options of the system, Hear-Thru, Low, Medium, High, Super Normal, High gave me an abundance of options for the level of dB Gain. I usually kept the system on High (+6dB Gain) and could hear all the instructions given out for each drill. It also gave me the ability during my instruction portion to talk with the shooters without leaning in and yelling at eachother.

You use a single button to cycle through the hearing levels and turning the system on/off. This simplifies how things work though at times I would bump the button, change the dB Gain level, and have to cycle back through again. A suggestion that I would like to see in the future might be a way to twist the selector to lock it into place and limit the chances that a stray bump might change dB Gain levels.

Test 3: Stress Shoot

The system performed well, as with the other tests, and took a beating as well. Again I had the issue of accidentally hitting the selector, but that is not a big enough ordeal to cause an issue in the review of the product.

The stress shoot involved the usual increase physical activity to stress yourself physiologically and force you to control your accuracy and speed while shooting. Another added benefit is that Mother Nature showed her face and brought some rain. The system held up well and showed no signs of leaking into the battery compartment or other areas of the system.

Some weak points that I could foresee breaking down in the future would be the cables going to the earpieces as they as small with some, but not a lot, of reinforcing. Again, I had no issues at all with the system over the course of two and a half months of use.


I feel that this product is well designed with the only recommendation for bettering the product being the lock capability for the selector button. The belt clip worked well and held the system onto my belt as well as MOLLE webbing on my plate carrier. The cable is long enough to give you options but be sure to stow the excess away so you do not catch it.

I would recommend this system for those who go to the range and need ruggedized hearing protection/sound enhancement while working in a variety of environments and weather conditions. The price is fair for the quality of the product and its functionality.

The real testament to this product is that I plan to continue using it in training when a radio is not required.

  • Chet

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By Chet Stone

Special Forces veteran turned Vetpreneur. Chet served as a U.S. Army Special Forces (Green Beret) Communications sergeant and then as an Intelligence sergeant during his team time. With multiple combat deployments, visiting both Afghanistan and Iraq, Chet firmly believes that the Army took the best hair years of his life. Chet has a Masters of Science in Sports and Health Sciences and is in the process of completing another Masters of Science in Exercise Science. When he is not nerding out over physiology he spends his free time lifting weights, shooting guns and racing bikes (mountain and road). He believes in solar flares, sun spots, sporadic E and he lives by the motto of “do and learn everything you can, you only get one go at this life.

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