June 23, 2021

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I can honestly say that I was praying for a bullpup like the IWI Tavor 7 to come out, but I never thought it would come out this soon. Before this rifle, you were limited to other options on the market that were not quite as convenient in method of operation or maintenance. The Tavor 7 combines the best of both worlds between the IWI Tavor SAR and the X95 that people love so much.


This rifle is going for a premium, for sure, but I think it is well worth it. It takes the common SR-25 magazines, it has ambidextrous controls, has a sturdy lightweight construction, adjustable and simple gas system, and it is easy to shoot fast and accurately.

The biggest part of this list that you do not want to gamble on is how it shoots for you. I have shot other 308 bullpup rifles and they were punishing to shoot. This rifle would give a mild push back into the shoulder, and that was even with the gas setting opened wide due to the fact that they never cleaned the rifle and just wanted to keep it functioning.

In my own short term evaluation of the Tavor 7, it sure is a winner. But we all know that this cannot be an official statement. The jury is out until I can get my hands on this rifle and really manhandle it, like I always do. Only then can I make a more supported statement about the rifle and its merits. Time will tell…

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