Royal Arms SF-DF .22 Blank Firing Flash Bang Simulator

The noise flash diversionary device (NFDD), also commonly referred to as a flash sound diversionary device (FSDD), diversionary device, flash grenade or flash bang, is an essential tool of the trade for tactical teams. NFDDs are designed to produce dramatic pyrotechnics that are intended to provide a brief distraction without causing permanent injury.

Options have been limited when it comes to NFDD/FSDD training. Standard flash bangs are expensive and impose restrictions on the training environment. Training devices that realistically simulate the characteristics of traditional flash bangs are available. Still, the per-use cost remains an issue with many of them.

Royal Arms Impact Initiated Training Flash Bangs

Now located in Tennessee, Royal Arms International, Inc. was established in 1984 in Southern California as a manufacturer of specialized tactical breaching, hostage rescue, CQC, and EOD/IED bomb disposal equipment for law enforcement, military, and government agencies worldwide. Royal Arms manufactures all of its products in the USA at its Tennessee facility. Royal Arms is owned and operated by a former LEO and veteran.

Royal Arms kinetic impact trigger system flash bangs were developed as training devices to overcome the problems associated with traditional M201 fuse-type flash bangs. Designed to “blow” where you throw, these are hand deployed in the same manner as a standard flash bang. They’re the only non-fuzed pyrotechnic flash-bangs that I’m aware of that employ both a pull ring and safety spoon. They’re cool to the touch immediately after firing. They are user-serviceable and reloadable, with a low per-use cost.

The current 4th gen models represent a significant overhaul. All aspects have been re-designed and re-engineered based on the input of many top-level users. Royal Arms listened to them and realized what improvements could be made. The improvements aren’t just superficial. They’re significant and greatly enhance the capability and performance. All of the current models may be used in conjunction with a modified A.C.S. Industries Flashbang Grenade Tactical Holster Trigger Pouch® (available from Royal Arms), which is designed for fast and safe one-handed deployment. 

Royal Arms currently offers three different flash bang models: the FBG-Mk4 (law enforcement, military, and government sales only) and the Royal Arms SF-DI and SF-DF. The SF-DF, while sharing most of the features of the 4th gen models, has different firing mechanism and thus may be best categorized as a 5th gen model. The SF-DI and SF-DF are both available without any restrictions. They’re all excellent training tools.  This article will take a brief  look at the SF-DI and SF-DF.

Marine Recon Veteran Max Joseph, Training Director of Direct Action Group (DAG), deploys a flash bang into a shoot house during training evolution. The goal in training is realistic simulation. U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Adam Henderson

Royal Arms SF-DI & SF-DF Civilian Legal Flash Bang Simulators

The civilian legal SF-DI and SF-DF are low-output devices designed to provide safe, realistic training at the lowest possible cost per use. The SF-DI employs a #209 shotshell primer. The SF-DF employs a .22 Caliber Power Load / Powder Load (rimfire blanks for powder-actuated tools, AKA nail driver blanks). #209 primers produce approximately 110-118 dB. They’re loud enough for effective training but still hearing-safe. This makes them ideal for role-playing scenario-based / force-on-force training. The .22 Power Loads are a bit louder. Available in different power levels, the SPL of the .22 Power Loads can go up to 140dB.

#209 primers and .22 Power Loads are a cost-effective way to conduct flash bang training. #209 primers run only around 5 cents each. .22 Power Loads run around 9 cents each. #209 primers are available anywhere reloading supplies are sold. .22 Power Loads are available at building supply stores. You won’t find any flash-bang training system that can even come close to that in per-use costs, save for inert flash-bangs.

Loading and reloading takes only seconds. No tool is necessary for the SF-DI. The SF-DF requires a cocking rod that’s included. There is also an extraction tool to remove the spent casing. The SF-DI features an inertia-driven firing mechanism that’s identical to that employed in the FBG-Mk4. The SF-DF features a spring-loaded striker system. The latter was necessary for .22 Power Loads, which require a heavier strike for reliable ignition.

Although I haven’t had the opportunity to test either the SF-DI or SF-DF, I have thoroughly tested the FBG-Mk4, as previously mentioned. The FBG-Mk4 proved 100% reliable when deployed within its intended design parameters. Tumbling the device when deploying it will ensure actuation on most surfaces. The engineering, materials, and workmanship on all Royal Arms products I have evaluated has been outstanding.

SF-DI Includes:

  • 1x Royal Arms impact initiated Direct Fire (SFDI)
  • 1x Safety Lever Spoon Mixed Colors (FBG-SL)
  • 1x 209 Primer Adaptor (FBG-PA)
  • 1x Extraction Tool (FBG-ET4)

SF-DI Optional Items:

  • Additional Safety Spoons / Lever Mixed Colors (FBG-SL)
  • Pull Ring Safety Pins (FBG-SPR4)
  • Custom locking case w/ foam to hold all parts (FBG-CC1)
  • Flashbang Holster ACS Trigger Pouch (FBG-TP1)

SF-DF Includes:

  • 1x Royal Arms impact initiated Direct Fire (SFDF)
  • 1x Safety Lever Spoon Mixed Colors (FBG-SL)
  • 1x .22 Power Driver Adaptor (FBG-PA22)
  • 1x Cocking / Load Tool (FBG-CRL)
  • 1x Extraction Tool (FBG-ET4)

SF-DF Optional Items:

  • Additional Safety Spoons / Lever Mixed Colors (FBG-SL)
  • Pull Ring Safety Pins (FBG-SPR4)
  • Custom locking case w/ foam to hold all parts (FBG-CC1)
  • Flashbang Holster ACS Trigger Pouch Mk13 (FBG-TP2)

The SF-DI and SF-DF are available directly from Royal Arms. For pricing and details, visit the Royal Arms website.


Royal Arms International, Inc.

A.C.S. Industries Ltd.

Direct Action Group (DAG)

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By Eugene Nielsen

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