ORIGIN DELTA 68 Denim Jeans

ORIGIN® USA was founded in 2012 by Pete Roberts, a New England entrepreneur who now serves as company CEO. As a native of New England, Pete witnessed the devastating effects of deindustrialization on his local community. He saw how factories and mills shut down, jobs and machinery were outsourced, and families struggled to make ends meet. He had the idealistic vision of leading a revival.

His vision was bold and unconventional, defying the common practice of sourcing materials and labor from overseas. ORIGIN would be a proud product of American craftsmanship and innovation, with no shortcuts or compromises. As ORIGIN expanded, rusty equipment that had been neglected for three decades was salvaged and repurposed to create innovative solutions.

ORIGIN is co-owned by Jocko Willink, a highly decorated retired U.S. Navy SEAL officer, best-selling author, and leadership consultant. Jocko is is also the host of the popular Jocko Podcast, where he covers topics such as military history, fitness, and personal development.

Jocko’s involvement with ORIGIN started in 2017 with a partnership after he recognized what Pete was doing (since they’re both Brazilian Jiu-jitsu blackbelts), and reached out to Pete. They spent hours talking “like brothers” according to their wives, and agreed to team up after a steak dinner and handshake when meeting in New York one night. After that partnership was created, they also co-founded JOCKO FUEL, LLC for the nutritional supplements line and business (that is also co-owned with Jocko but separate from ORIGIN).

ORIGIN is co-owned by Jocko Willink, a highly decorated retired U.S. Navy SEAL officer.

ORIGIN produces apparel, footwear, hunting gear, combat sports apparel, and lifestyle items that are inspired by real people doing real work. The company builds what they believe in, and wears what they make for hard work, for training, for life.

So how did ORIGIN get into jeans? Jocko and Pete had a conversation, as they often do, since their business relationship has evolved into a personal one. Jocko asked “Pete, how many people do you know who wear gis?” (the martial arts training outfits).Pete replied: “hundreds, maybe thousands of people in jiu-jitsu.”Then, Jocko inquired “Now how many people do you know who wear jeans?” and they proceeded to act.

The concept of combining the strength of combat sports training clothing from Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and integrating it in the finest American denim was a logical choice, and has become a popular, distinctive product for ORIGIN. The result was the finest tactical jeans on the market, bar none.

ORIGIN DELTA 68 Denim Jeans

Although the Navy SEALs were officially formed in January of 1962, they can trace their history back to World War II Naval Combat Demolition Units (NCDUs) and Underwater Demolition Teams (UDTs). President John F. Kennedy recognized the need for an unconventional warfare capability in the early 1960s, when he faced the challenges of the Cold War and the rise of communist insurgencies around the world. He authorized the creation of the elite unit in 1962, after being impressed by the performance of the UDTs during World War II, during his service as a Navy officer in the Pacific theater.

U.S. Navy SEALS shown wearing blue jeans during Vietnam War.

The SEALs became legendary in the jungles of Vietnam. They faced the most challenging of situations and used creative strategies and specialized equipment to achieve their objectives. After finding out that regular jungle uniforms were not suitable for the harsh environment of areas like the notorious Mekong Delta, some SEALs opted to wear blue jeans.

The SEALs proved what Americans have always believed: denim jeans are comfortable, rugged, and dependable. Like the SEALS, they get the work done. ORIGIN DELTA 68 Denim Jeans are a tribute to the brave SEALs who fought in Vietnam, and to all the men and women who serve their country with honor. ORIGIN is a proud American company that draws inspiration from innovation, heritage, and above all: Freedom. These jeans are made in America with the finest materials and craftsmanship. They are fashioned for both practicality and style.

ORIGIN DELTA 68 Denim Jeans are more than just a pair of jeans. They are a statement of American craftsmanship, innovation and quality. In developing the ORIGIN DELTA 68 Denim Jean, ORIGIN applied the same techniques and concepts they developed over six years of manufacturing products for the combat sports.

Why the name DELTA 68? During the Tet Offensive, which was a coordinated series of attacks by the Viet Cong and the North Vietnamese Army against South Vietnam and its allies that began 30 January 1968, much of the defense of the Mekong Delta fell upon the shoulders of U.S. Navy, including the highly trained and skilled SEALs. It was one of the largest military campaigns of the Vietnam War.

ORIGIN DELTA 68 Denim Jeans combine the strength of combat sports training clothing from Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and integrate it in the finest American denim. ORIGIN Delta Denim is a high-performance proprietary fabric that flexes and moves like a second skin.

The first thing that stands out about ORIGIN DELTA 68 Denim Jeans is the material. They are made from Delta Denim, a proprietary textile that combines cotton, polyester and spandex for a super-soft, super-stretchy and super-strong fabric. Delta Denim is designed to adapt to your body and movements, whether you are squatting, rolling, riding or chilling. It also has antimicrobial and moisture wicking properties to keep you fresh and comfortable. The fabric is substantially stronger than 100% cotton denim, with a higher tear and tensile strength, as well as greater abrasion resistance.

Although the ORIGIN DELTA 68 Denim Jeans share the same pattern as the ORIGIN Factory Denim Jeans, the DELTA’s lighter and more flexible fabric gives them a slightly slimmer fit. The Delta Denim has 20% more stretch and feels more like a base layer, while the Factory Denim is heavier and stiffer at 12 oz compared to 8 oz.

The ORIGIN DELTA 68 Denim Jeans are exceptionally comfortable, and the flex allows for a freedom of movement not found in regular jeans. The stretch in the waistband provides the ability to carry a pistol comfortably in an IWB holster without requiring a larger size.

The jeans are dyed with real indigo, not synthetic, for a rich and authentic color. Indigo dye is a natural, organic dye extracted from the indigo plant. It has been used for thousands of years to dye natural fibers. Most of the jeans on the market today are dyed with cheaper synthetic dyes. Naturally-dyed jeans are better for the environment. They also tend to have more durability than synthetic-dyed jeans, especially with proper care.

Indigo-dyed jeans are a classic and versatile garment, but they require some special care to maintain their color and quality. The biggest mistake people make is washing them too often.

Wash them infrequently and inside out, using cold water and mild detergent. Avoid using bleach, fabric softener, or dryer sheets, as they can damage the dye and the fabric. Wash with dark colors only. Hang them to dry or tumble dry on low heat, and iron them on low if needed.

ORIGIN Denim Jeans are 100% American made.

ORIGIN Denim Jeans are proudly made in the USA, from farm to factory. The cotton is grown sustainably in Texas by farmers who care about the land and the product. The denim is woven in Trion, Georgia, at the last surviving denim mill in America. The jeans are cut and sewn with pride at the ORIGIN factory in North Carolina, where skilled workers use advanced technology and traditional techniques. The jeans are washed and dried for a pre-shrunk, out of the box fit.

A distinctive feature of ORIGIN Denim Jeans is their stylish design. They have a classic copper-riveted five-pocket style and a fitted waistband with six reinforced belt loops that fit up to a 2-inch belt. They have ergonomic “shark fin” back pockets that add some flair and functionality. They have body mapping reverse yokes that contour to your shape and enhance your look. They have a 3x felled inseam construction that ensures durability and prevents fraying. The jeans have a brass button-top zipper fly with locking YKK® brass jeans zipper.

ORIGIN DELTA 68 Denim Jeans are available in Fighter Fit and Legit Fit. The Fighter Fit differs from the Legit Fit in that it tapers from the knee. Both styles are available in three different washes: light wash; medium wash; and dark wash. They are also available in black colorway. The jeans are made to order. Pricing for the ORIGIN DELTA 68 Denim Jeans is $128.00 USD.

ORIGIN DELTA 68 Denim Jeans shown in light, medium and dark wash. They are also available in black.

I ordered the both ORIGIN DELTA 68 Denim Jeans and ORIGIN Factory Denim Jeans for comparison. The ORIGIN DELTA 68 Denim Jeans were ordered in Legit Fit. ORIGIN jeans are based on standard American sizing. You should be able to order your typical jeans size. If you are unsure or in-between, ORIGIN recommends sizing up. You may exchange new and unwashed jeans.

Both the ORIGIN DELTA 68 Denim Jeans and Factory Denim Jeans are outstanding jeans in all respects. I would go so far as to say that they are the best jeans that I have ever worn. Either will serve you well. They are well worth the price. And in purchasing, you help support American farmers and manufacturing. It is a win, win.




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