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Riton Optics USA Micro Red Dot Mod 3- performing at big bang

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I have to admit, when it comes to optics, I am partial to Riton Optics Optics USA. But my preference is not a superficial impression based on one aspect. The company has proven their business ethics, quality products and consumer focus, since their inception. Those may seem like individual attributes, but put together they form the basis for customer loyalty. What is just as important, is that these qualities have, and continue to be consistently demonstrated. This is not done to increase social media fan base, but is a genuine approach with which the company does business. So when an opportunity came up to play with the Mod 3 Riton Optics Micro red dot (RMD), I jumped at it. Of course any of us at Spotter Up would be doing a disservice if we simply went on what we liked, and not approached every review in a holistic manner. This would be not only counterproductive to the audience, but also to any company which values feedback to improve their craft.

Out of the box, the sight proves true to its description. It is a true “micro” optic. It comes with 3 mounts: tall, medium and short, which are as easy to swap from one weapon to the other as a rail mounted light. Even at its versatile size, Mod 3 red dot feels by no mean lite. The housing, lenses and adjustment points all feel solid thanks to the one piece aluminum construction and real Japanese glass. This versatility allows the sight to be mounted on several types of long guns and pistols and offers distinct advantages if all you need is one reliable red dot. As mentioned, the swapping from one platform to the other is super easy, using two rail screws. The fact that you become proficient with one optic on multiple weapons keeps things consistent. The adjustments are the same, target acquisition and eye relief all feel natural from one to the other. I chose to mount it on an M4, as most of my experience with red dots has been on similar platforms, and used the medium mount as it appeared to offer a faster zero and co-witness. I do wish I had access to a particular shotgun we used at a unit, as this sight would give a big commercial brand true competition.


The Riton Optics micro red dot features a 2 MOA, 1X, 23mm optic. Please refer to Spotter Up article spotterup.com/Riton Optics-optics-bullseye/ on basic optics definitions and specification. Each click offers a 1 MOA adjustment. What this means in practical terms, that even considering that the sight is smaller then some, the acquisition and time on target are fast, and instinctive. With the initial mount, I was close to a true co-witness even with the basic back up sights. The lenses are multi-coated, which reduces glare and reflectivity, and the Riton Optics micro is powered by a single CR 2032 battery, which much like with the illuminated scope, is kept in a secure housing which is simple to access. The housing, and the entire sight for that matter, is entirely waterproof, shockproof and fog proof. I tested this by going from a heated structure, to a snowy open space, and then back. I set the rifle and the sight into the snow for several minutes, and again went back and forth. I saw no discrepancy in the function of the sight: the setting was accurate and as bright as I left it, there was no water penetration and no fogging.

The adjustments knobs and turrets on the Riton Optics USA Mod 3 red dot are similar to that of the Mod 7 optic. I am still a fan of the definitive click on every adjustment and the ease of turning with gloved hands. Again, the consistency in high quality and actual application from one product to the next is key. It’s working beautifully on either. The main dial was a little snug to operate at first, but lightened after some use. The dial goes from off to 6, at highest brightness. I found myself looking for a button to turn the Riton Optics Micro on, after starting a new evolution or range day. I don’t know it its just habit, or if it might be a nice option to have a separate tap switch to turn the optic on and off.

I do know that after repeated use you turn the dial one way, and if it doesn’t get the setting you need, keep turning and you’ll get there in 7 clicks or less. I zeroed the Riton Optics Micro red dot at 50 and shot with it at distances from CQB space to zero distance. On a bright sunny warm day, with a setting at 6, the dot was easy to acquire and place on target. The dot is red, and is an actual dot shape. While there is benefit to using other colors and shapes, the easy on-easy off intention of this sight is perfect as is. There is simply no need to deviate from the K.I.S.S. Principle and the proven performance. What I found interesting, is that layman to professional are still learning about the company and the products it offers, and after telling them what it is, the only thing to get them onboard was to let them shoot with it.

Key Specifications:

Magnification 1x, Objective diameter: 23mm, Parallax setting: 50 yards, Dot size: 2MOA, Click value: 1 MOA, Max adjustment: 120 MOA.

At $285 suggested retail, I think the Riton Optics micro is an amazing deal. You know you’re getting a high quality product, backed by lifetime guarantee, and one which offers more options then any other similar product on the market. Riton Optics USA is a veteran owned and operated company, based in Tucson Arizona. You can find the micro and a full line on their optics at www.Riton Opticsusa.com 

I have to close with a small disclaimer. I intended to publish this with a quality video, to show the actual Mod 3 in use. But aside from not having an assistant to film, the equipment to provide the proper field of view, or the skills to digitally remaster the video, every time we picked up the weapon with a Riton Optics optic, it is just more fun to shoot it.

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