The TANDEMKROSS “Titan” is a very comfortable, affordable, quality made extended magazine-release that performs just as expected, perfect.

Believe it or not, as simple as an extended mag-release is, companies often do a poor job designing and producing them.  Even when you search through Amazon and Ebay you’ll not just find a few reputable manufactures but also a landfill cheap parts not worth the money you’ve worked for.

When it comes to the Smith & Wesson SW22 Victory, the TANDEMKROSS (TK) “Titan” is the easy and correct choice. Even though there are very few extended mag-release options for the SW22, the “Titan” thankfully was produced correctly the first time around.

The TK “Titan” adds consistency and speed to your magazine changes. The larger serrated aluminum button provides the texture and surface area perfect for your thumb. The shaft of the release is almost identical to the factory except it’s extended and drilled to accept the new button. The increased distance of shaft also adds to the ease-of-use. This is a perfect upgrade for any younger or senior shooters who could use the assistance.

The TK “Titan” comes in black or silver and cosmetically looks awesome when combined with the rest of the upgrades TANDEMKROSS has to offer.

I received the “Titan” extended mag-release bundled into the TK Race-gun Kit but it’s also now available in the TK Everything Kit. The stand alone purchase option for the “Titan” currently goes for $29.99. For a quality mag-release for any other pistol this is a fair price and I would highly recommend it!

By AJ Saulls

Aj is a veteran and COO of Meridian Systematics, a Virginia based Defense Analytics firm. He regularly supports America’s finest warfighters at home and abroad.. When he’s not deployed, Aj is engulfed in Northern Virginia shooting sports as well as being an avid fly angler. Even though he’s made his living in data analytics, he’s a firm believer that we need to be disconnected and outdoors. Aj is a writer and supports Spotter Up as a knowledge platform for us to become better at what we love.

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