July 28, 2021

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Review of the 1791 Gunleather COMBO OPEN TOP MULTI-FIT BELT HOLSTER 2.1 AND MAG 1.2

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Review of the 1791 Gunleather COMBO OPEN TOP MULTI-FIT BELT HOLSTER 2.1 AND MAG 1.2

I received the COMBO OPEN TOP MULTI-FIT BELT HOLSTER 2.1 AND MAG 1.2 holster from 1791 and opened the package.  I was impressed first by the fact that it came with a stiff belt that actually fit me well, but mainly how handsome the holster appeared and felt.  The stitching –  white in contrast with the natural tanned leather – was a very attractive, classic look.

Since this holster is a “semi” universal holster that will accommodate various models it is important to read the instructions that came with it in order to ensure a proper fit for your particular sidearm.  In accordance with those instructions, I soaked the holster in water to make it more pliable, I wrapped my Springfield Armory XD45 in plastic wrap as well as my magazine then stuffed them both in their appropriate spots and allowed the leather to dry.  Once that was done, the holster had a snug fit for my specific weapon and the magazine – snug enough for a secure hold but still an easy draw.  The one thing I want to see on this holster/magazine pouch combination is a thumb break to provide at least a level 2 retention capability.

At around $77.00, this holster is a great deal.  A comparable holster from Galco costs around $120.00 and does not include an integral magazine pouch like the 1791.  Safariland leather holsters fall in and around the same price range as the 1791 but there is no comparable holster that includes the integral magazine pouch.  What you get from 1791 is what looks and feels like a custom-made holster at a very fair price.

Once this holster is properly broken in, it conforms itself to your waist and fits snuggly with a comfortable “high-rise” draw position.  1791 Gunleather graciously provided a nice stiff leather belt which helps provide the rigidity you want.  This position and fit also provides a good feel if you happen to be carrying a large frame semi-auto.

With almost ¼” thick hide, this holster is tough with heavy duty stitching, and with proper care – like any leather product like this – it should last for years.  In spite of its “heavy-duty’ness,” this holster is hardly noticeable, weighing next to nothing on your belt without your weapon and mag in it.

As our security company expands into executive protection requiring the “suit and tie” uniform as opposed to the tactical, this holster system, with its natural tanned leather (other color options are available) would provide a very stylish, professional looking and reliable addition.  Overall, I would strongly recommend this holster for anyone who prefers the leather look for its quality, value and look.

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