Ready to hunt right out of the box, Remington’s new V3 Turkey Pro in Realtree Timber has a 40 yard factory bore sighted Truglo Optic and Truglo Headbanger choke tube, all the features you need. From lightweight 2¾” target loads to hard hitting 3 Inch magnum, it cycles them all with the same unrelenting consistency.

The Turkey Pro incorporates the V3 system’s unfailing reliability and soft recoil. With fewer moving parts than traditional semi-auto gas actions and a rugged extractor and ejector, the V3 system is highly reliable and versatile. This is not a phrase I throw around. I was unable to experience any kind of stoppage with the V3 system gun using the cheapest bargain field loads or 3-inch magnums.

The recoil was also a lot lighter than I expected. The gas system reduces recoil making it smoother shooting than a pump gun. Remington claims the V3 is “the softest-recoiling auto in the field” and backs this up with data.

The VersaPort system reduces pressure over a longer time span reducing felt recoil.  It has a single gas block beneath the chamber that houses two short pistons. When a shell is fired, the gas depresses the pistons just  0.481″, precisely enough to unlock the rotating bolt head and shove the heavy bolt rearward with the momentum needed to eject the spent hull.  

There are eight ports in the barrel near the breech. It is a very simple system, a longer shell size covers gas ports reducing the number of gas ports exposed when there is more gas available; a 2¾-inch shell exposes all eight ports in the V3 while a 3-inch cartridge only exposes four of the ports.

This equalizes the effect of the gas in cycling the action and also to equalize the amount of recoil delivered to the shooter regardless of the load fired. The valves in the pistons open, venting the remaining gas into the forearm, eliminating carbon buildup inside the receiver.

Another unique feature of the V3 is the placement of the return springs inside the receiver. Tandem recoil springs are located on guide rails along the receiver walls. They compress as the pistons retract the action, then expand to bring the bolt with a new round into battery. This eliminates a push rod and plunger assembly which sticks into the stock of traditional gas guns.

Remington has brought over some advanced shotgun performance features from the competition world. A modernized oversized bolt handle and an ergonomic oversized safety place the controls where you need them and make them easy to find and operate. The redesigned loading port makes loading faster and easier.

V3 TURKEY PRO Full Camo Coverage in Realtree Timber 2019
MSRP $1,195.00

V3 TURKEY PRO Features:

  • Full Camo Coverage in Realtree Timber
  • VersaPort® Gas System
  • Bore Sighted Truglo Optic, and fiber optic front sight with steel mid bead
  • Truglo Headbanger Choke Tube
  • Supercell Recoil Pad
  • Drop and cast adjustment shims included

Remington’s V3 Turkey Pro has custom features that put it in a class all of its own. The V3  is an impressive and versatile combination of power and portability. The VersaPort system is a simple and elegant design with fewer moving parts than other semi-automatics. This allows you to run longer and more reliably. I found reliability and accuracy to be very good, even with an assortment of ammunition of varying power and quality.

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By Mark Miller

Mark Miller is a Green Beret who served in Afghanistan and a number of other live fire locations. He's a poet-warrior in the classic sense, a casual hero and a student of science.

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