​Propper: RevTac Pant Review

​The tactical industry is continuously growing by the day. With the amount of options for gear and clothing, it’s hard to make a calculated decision that fits most or all of your needs. I recently was presented with the RevTac Pant from Propper, which is a streamline tactical pant with a professional look to them. The RevTac pant is a 65/35 poly-cotton blend equipped with endless amount of pockets, some specialized for magazines, knives, accessories, smaller gear, etc. Basically, anything you need to have at the range with you with an added value of being very light weight.

​I was able to put them to the test at the range. Going through static shooting drills, to more dynamic movements with shooting and moving drills, I got a good feel for how these pants operate. With first impressions, they have a great look to them. The color was pretty spot on from how they appeared on their website. They come in 6 different color options. I went with the Charcoal. As far as the sizing, they are a little on the smaller side. I’m 5’8, 185 pounds and normally wear a 32×30 with my everyday pant and with every other tactical brand. There is a slider along the inside which gives them a little stretch isolated in the waistline. Inside, there’s also a gripper waistband which does help prevent a lot of movement and assists in keeping your shirt tucked in.

​The material is fairly durable and has a Teflon fabric protector which helps to repel liquids and other stains, and should be able to take some good wear and tear. On the other end though, the pants were a little stiff and took some time to break in. I was hoping there was going to be more stretch with them when moving around and changing from standing to kneeling positions. I believe Propper has different tactical pants such as their Kinetic Pant which offers a little more flexibility. If you happen to be on the range in a instructor or RSO position that doesn’t require as much movement, then these might be a good fit.

​The best feature with the RevTac Pant is the storage capacity. Again, the amount of different functional pockets they have is fantastic. Each pant leg has a cargo pocket that contains individual dividers for multiple uses. The rear pockets are flush to your backside and offer a great space to hold extra AR magazines. The pockets are lined with pocket tool reinforcements to provide extra protection for pocket knives or tools with clips on them. If you have a more minimalistic style and want to avoid heavy gear and pouches, the RevTac pants will be a good fit for you.

​Overall, I think that Propper has a good product here, and would be a good choice for many people, but for me personally, there are other options that I prefer. Comfortability and movement are higher on my need list over the storage capacity. Having a little more stretch and flexibility would make these pants more desirable. I would recommend for people to give them a chance to see if they would be suitable for their own needs. As far as the cost goes, they sell for $44.99 on the Propper website, www.propper.com, which is a reasonable price for what you get. They are about average compared to other similar style of pants from other brands such as 5.11, Blackhawk, or Vertx.

Functionality 4/5 stars
Cost: 4/5 stars
Comfort: 3/5 stars
Durability: 4/5 stars
Weight: 4/5 stars

Overall 19/25

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