June 30, 2022

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First off, I’m not a “classically “trained runner. I’m more of Forrest Gump kind of runner…I just run. I have floated from Vibram 5 fingers to New Balance minimalist shoes such as the Minimus Zero to the more recent Hoka One One brand that has a different feel and drop. I don’t think I have to keep buying running shoes after finding this gem. This is a very well put together runner AND daily trainer. Let me give you some of the specs:

The company states that the Magnifly is engineered for runners seeking underfoot cushioning and a responsive ride paired with their classic Topo fit. This means they have a flexible platform and with a shorter drop (5mm) it allows for a more natural gait function. It’s going to be roomy in the toe box and tighter in the waist. You get a dual-density midsole that delivers zonal cushioning and response. So we have a few facts here!

  • The Topo Athletic Magnifly has is 8.8oz
  • Retail price around $110.
  • Lightweight neutral trainer.
  • Wide footprint. This means a roomy toe box.
  • Secure shoe waist and heel.
  • Overall stack of 25mm heel/20mm forefoot
  • 5mm drop.

They are true to size, I wear an 8.5 and an 8.5 fits nicely. I took it out of the box and went for a little 6 mile run and thought I would lose all circulation in my mid-foot so then I did the smart thing and walked in them to break them in. Now by walking let me explain. I ran the Disney Marathon in my other runners because I hadn’t trained in these yet. Then I spent two days walking, running, chasing after my kids for an addition 24 miles, IN THIS SHOE.  Holy cow are they comfortable. Its like the shoe starts to conform to your foot. It went from being very snug all over to being a perfect. Air mesh on the tops and side keeps it light and breathable and a solid. Push heel collar and tongue.

At first it felt heavy but that’s only because I’m used to more cushioning.  The cushion on the Topo is firm yet durable and responsive.  I’ve logged about 60 running miles since the first outing.  I walked them in properly, broke them in; you’ll have your daily runner and a great work out shoe.

Topo was started years ago with the release of their minimal shoe. They came out with a toebox that had a split toe design. It looked like the Vibram 5 fingers but had two toes instead of five. The  split design was truly out of the box thinking. Their new toe box for their brand is similar to the Altas but not as clownish looking as some of the Altra Running line-up. As I said before, the toe box is super comfy.Run-Blogger-300x218

The shoe also has a good lower. Sometimes manufacturers create nice uppers that are light but the bottoms are too stiff. This is the case with many shoes. Or, they are like the original Hokas, tending to be too sheer, with a light upper and a too soft bottom. Not so for the Magnifly. They have something good going on here.

The upper is very comfortable particularly with the wider toebox. And the shoe is very responsive on runs. The upper is a single layer of thin soft mesh. There isn’t any lining. Many young running companies are forward thinking. I think the Topo is off to a good start. The heel collar on the Magnifly is narrower, and combined with good lacing overlays, I think works well with the wider toe box.

The toebox is not as round as the Altra or as pointy as most Nike shoes. It makes for a good fit for those with wide feet and isn’t so sheer or thin that it would have too much flexion. No one likes a sloppy fit.

I like the midsole and outsoles. They held up after some pretty good runs and didn’t degrade like some of Altras original product after 40 plus miles. This is a hybrid shoe. You get good rebound and good support. Good for ascending and descending hills. Yes, I can run some trail and street, but its not so stiff that I couldn’t pound out respectable distance in them. One of the concerns I had was having a shoe that would be non-responsive because it wasn’t flexible enough. I could run without having to worry about compromising my stride because of a wide platform so similar in Altra or Hokas. I would say these are good for a straight tempo run rather than for the short, slow recovery type of runs.Topo-Magnifly-Shoes-AW15-Cushion-Running-Shoes-Cobalt-Navy-AW15-15M131-11

Conclusion: Excellent shoe. Good price. Great looking colors and people will look and wonder what is this brand.

Product Scores

Functionality: 5/5

Weight: 5/5

Durability: 5/5

Cost: 5/5 $110.00

Comfort: 5/5


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