August 18, 2022

Spotter Up

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Poetry: Sold Out

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You ever look in the mirror and see the man in front of you? I do. I see myself and know that everyday I am alive is a good day to rewrite the rules. Set it off man! Burn those boats down and don’t you ever look back…

Paradigm of a modern city

We are followed , yet unfellowed.

Omitted history.


There is only cry, cries, crying

For time is why, while, whiling

Down the ways

Certainty for certitude

Oh, cruel insensate! See?


Take, take-in, taking

Voyage upon the waters

Tide, affairs are turning

Flood, ever stirring


Shall! Shallow, shallop. Shalom upon the sea.

Glory! Try! Tried, trying!

For, fore, fortune, fortunately


Men are dying.

All sail to misery.


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