December 10, 2022

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It’s five in the morning, still hot and muggy in the DMV, and as I wipe away the sleep from my eyes after an amazing weekend in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, I realize that I have a four pack of Trident Coffee’s Nitro Cold Brew in the fridge. I quickly look over the can, embrace its coldness and notice that there are directions you must follow before you get to enjoy this nitro sensation.  Directions as follows: Shake vigorously three times to activate the nitrogen. Open slowly and pour hard into a glass to achieve the cascading effect.  Naturally while following these directions, I failed to open the can slowly and had my face sprayed with a fine mist of coffee goodness.  After I regained my composure I poured the contents of the can into my favorite mason jar and watched patiently at the cascading effect.

As I drank this high quality cold brew, fit for Poseidon himself, I decided to read up on Trident Coffee. Trident Nitro Cold Brew Coffee is a perfect combination of specialty grade coffee with the convenience to take anywhere. Using their Trident Coffee Signature Blend, they handcraft their cold brew coffee for 18 hours, then infuse it with nitrogen in a ready-to-go can. The result of this nitro-grenade is the smoothest, creamiest cold brew coffee on the market with a sweet chocolate and caramel flavor I tasted for hours.

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You’ll find their story strikes to the core of why they make such amazing coffee.  They make note that the one cornerstone, which symbolizes who they are, is coffee’s unification. Eric Johnson, founder and head roaster, mentions the experience of being around the world, and witnessed the effects of people highlighting and fighting over their differences, vice celebrating their similarities and coming together.  Coffee was the one thing that created bridges, not barriers. Eric sat at tables and in bunkers with people he did not share the same language, same ethnicity, same religion, or same culture with, but was able to connect with them over a shared beverage…coffee.

Despite anyone’s differences, they are able to display commonality by drinking coffee together and electing to share in humanity…even if just for ten minutes.  Trident Coffee is working to create a community experience to remind people that we have a lot more in common with others than we expect.

As I continued to read about their story, out of the corner of my eye the trident symbol on the can made me take pause at this symbolism, and I immediately noticed why they choose this. The trident is the most powerful nautical symbol and is showcased by Poseidon’s ability to control the oceans and cause earthquakes in Greek mythology.  In that same manner, he had the capability to connect every person through earth and water.  These are the two ingredients Trident Coffee crafts; coffee and water, and they want to use them to energize a community dedicated to living with courage and character and hope everyone will join them on this adventure.

In closing, I highly recommend Trident Coffee’s Nitro Cold Brew and suggest you order some right now!  Hopefully one day I will find myself in the Imperial Beach, CA area so I can visit their local shop. Trident Coffee comes in cans and beans. The Trident Coffee Nitro Cold Brew comes in 12 oz. cans either in 6 or 10 packs for $26.99 or $44.99. Stay tuned for another review of Trident Coffee after I explore their Nitro Cold Brew w/MCT oil.


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TOV is a Marine veteran who enjoys getting outside in order to fully appreciate the land that we all fought for.  When TOV is not stuck in the cube farm or traveling for work, you can find him outdoors hiking in the Shenandoah National Park, hitting the local crags, attending mountaineering/alpine courses to further his experiences, or volunteering for a veterans non-profit…Veterans Expeditions.

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