June 7, 2023

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Petzl Swift RL


  • Light output: 900 lumens (ANSI-FL1 STANDARD)
  • Weight: 100 g
  • Beam pattern: mixed
  • Energy: 2350 mAh Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery (included)
  • Charging time: 6 h
  • Watertightness: IPX4 (weather-resistant)
  • Certification(s): CE


Over the years I have been through a couple handfuls of headlamps, both cheap and top end brands and I can say that this is with out a doubt my favorite.  With 900 lumens of output and weighing in at only 100 grams it already holds its own with the higher output (but generally bulkier) lights while fitting and feeling like a lighter lower output model.

When it comes to cruising the streets on a predawn run or hiking a trail you can get by with a 100-300 lumen model but when it comes to bombing downhills at full speed in the dark the higher output is GREATLY appreciated.  Until I came into possession of the swift this came with double the weight along with a rechargeable battery pack at the rear.  This is not a huge deal on the trail but as soon as you need to carry something on your shoulders (or even throw a hood on if it starts raining) the battery pack is just plain in the way.

Just based on size output, and my ability to do a predawn sandbag workout this was already my favorite lamp before adding REACTIVE LIGHTING® to the equation.  Utilizing a light sensor REACTIVE LIGHTING® automatically adjusts brightness and beam pattern, optimizing battery usage.  This is a huge feature for me when I hit the rocks.  One of the big benefits of living out on the mountain (and dealing with a longer commute) is I can throw my rock climbing shoes in my chalk bag, bomb two miles of gravel, hit a boulder circuit, run home and be on my way to work by sun up.

Until recently I would wear my 1100 lumen clunky light for the run down, before donning a small 50 lumen light to hit the rocks with.  1100 lumens are blinding when reflecting off a rock a few inches from your face.  With REACTIVE LIGHTING® however the Swift automatically dims the second I face the rock.  It also should allow for a full night of battery life although I haven’t and don’t plan on hitting the trails from sundown to sunup anytime soon.  The Swift also has a STANDARD lighting mode and three different beam settings that can be switched through with one button and locked into place so that you don’t accidentally switch during use.

It has a  2350 mAh Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery that fully recharges in 6 hours and a comfortable and easily adjustable band that can be removed for washing. At $119.95 it retails for only slightly more than your standard 450 lumen models but far less than some top of the line models that I have ditched in favor of this one.


Comfort 5/5

Output 5/5

Weight 5/5

Versatility 5/5

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