I was fortunate enough to make friends with the co-owner of OV Innovations and we were fortunate enough to be considered to be worthy writers by them, so we got their Cache and Teeter Pouch for some testing and evaluating. We covered their Under Pack Belts some time ago and their approach to gear is really interesting and brilliant. You can find that review from here.Their simple designs get the job done and the Cache and Teeter Pouch are no exceptions to that rule.

The Cache

The Cache is a simple but effective gear transporting flap that is attachable to any molle surface. It attaches with four metal button closed tabs on the bottom and two compression straps from sides

I find the way the Cache expands to be incredibly innovative, and the way it covers up the back of my TAD Litespeed (review coming up later!) makes it more inconspicuous and slick. Although it does cover up the loop area and my sweet patches! The bendy fiberglass rods that are sewn into the design allow you to carry odd shaped items too by folding outward and revealing all the folded cordura inside. And when not in use the structure folds automatically back to its own shape and lies flat on your pack. Extremely brilliant design!


I like the idea and the look of the Cache, but so far I have found it to be a bit unfortunately inconvenient at times. But just a bit, but then again I did not use TAD’s own transporter tail much either. But I am exploring the idea and concept all the time more so I have definitely not given up on the Cache at all!

Before a proper review of the Cache, I want to test it largely with different packs and items. So far I have used it on my Litespeed and Kifaru E&E, but I want to test its usability with a larger pack, like my MMR too. And I have carried my helmet under it, but also some rolled up jackets, but I want to test all these things and more, before giving my final opinion on it.

The Teeter Pouch

The Teeter Pouch is a incredibly smart little bottle pouch. I bet most people have this little moment of confusion when unboxing the pouch, because it looks like it is not a pouch at all! It is essentially a funny shaped piece of sturdy FirstSpear’s 6/12 fabric with metal grommets and plastic slip buckles, and a seemingly huge length of elastic cord. Then you start to look at pictures of the pouch from the internet, figure out how it should be attached and then you get a moment of enlightenment where you utter out loud, even if you are alone, that “Man, this is a ingenious design!”.

The elastic cord both attaches the fabric part of the pouch to the PALS surface you want and acts as a retention for the bottle. And there is no extra cord there, even if it looks like it at first. At least with a 1l Nalgene Wide Mouth bottle all of the cord is necessary to hold the bottle in place.

The sad thing is that it does not fi the side of my Litespeed perfectly. The ideal width for the Teeter Pouch is 4+ rows, as they say on their website, but my last gen Litespeed has only three on the side. It attaches on the side all right, but there is a little fidgeting needed every time you slip a bottle as large as a Nalgene into it. But I am sure that with the idea amount of PALS rows and columns the Teeter Pouch works perfectly.

As with the Cache, I want to test the Teeter on several packs more before writing a proper review. And with different bottles too! So far the Nalgene has been a perfect fit, and even a slimmer thermos fits there like a glove. But different sizes and shapes need to be tried out in it for sure!

Few Words of Conclusion

But one thing is for sure at this point and I need to say it even with the threat of sounding biased, which I like to think that I am not. OVI is a small, but hugely innovative company that should be more widely known. Their products have caught the eyes of such pack using veterans, such as Piotr Ma, and they should be on your radar too!

You can find more information on the products from the OVI website. You can find the Cache from here and the Teeter Pouch from here.


This article was first published in the Noble & Blue. Noble & Blue is a small Finnish outdoor and tactical gear reviewing blog, that also shares stories of learning and adventure. Click here to know more about Noble & Blue and to read more articles like this.

Material Disclosure

I received these products from the manufacturer for testing and evaluation purposes. I am not bound by any written, verbal, or implied contract to give this product a good review. All opinions are my own and are based off my personal experience with the product.

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