September 28, 2021

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HSGI COBRA 1.75” Rigger Belt with D-Ring and Interior Velcro

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If you’re looking for something to hold your pants up as well as do something more I recommend the HSGI Cobra 1.75” Rigger Belt.  The belt retails for $80.00 and includes the D-Ring, Interior Velcro and an authentic AustriAlpin COBRA Buckle.


This belt is built to perform. The COBRA locking mechanism is patented and guarantees the highest safety. A one-sided opening of the lock is not possible even when under load. The belt itself is sturdy enough to mount sheaths, holsters, magazine pouches, and will not twist under the load.  The belts are constructed of 2 layers of 1.75″ Type 13 webbing sewn together with 5 rows of bonded 138 nylon thread. To provide additional rigidity and stiffness, the layers are laminated with an industrial strength adhesive before sewing.

The belts run true to size. The belts come in sizes Small 28″-30″, Medium 32″-34″, Large 36″-38″, XLarge 40″-42″ and 2X 44″-46″ lengths. They come in black, coyote brown, wolf grey, olive drab green and multicam colors.

Tactical belts seem to be everywhere I look. They’ve really taken off in the last few years. This one is high quality construction. I’ve used mine for many years for holding up my pants, holding up my gear, and for rappelling although HSGI states their belts are NOT labeled or certified for climbing or use as Life Saving Equipment.


Parachute grade buckles and ‘V’ and ‘D’ rings should meet the general requirements for all commercial hardware per the Parachute Industry Associations PIA-H-7195 specifications. The buckle tie in points must meet Mil-specs. and each component should have a rust resistant finish, and be smooth in order to not cause snags.

Webbing should be at least a standard 1 3/4″ wide, and .080″-.120″ thick and made of a super strong nylon with at least 7000 pounds of tensile strength in order to be used  for safety harnesses, tie-downs, slings, cargo nets, restraints, & straps. Lastly, the hook & loop liner should be of a quality that minimizes friction/wear to the belt at the hardware contact points. The belt has rigidity and will hold up over time. I’ve had mine for years.

Some brick and mortar shops offer discounts to law enforcement personnel. I purchased mine for about $60.00. Keep in mind to track upcoming sales during certain holidays. If you can test one before making your purchase I recommend doing it.

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