This is my EDC set up.

I am minimalist in what I carry around daily.  It all starts with a good platform.  For me it begins with a good belt.  One that is made for carrying a gun. For those few times I do not carry, at least I have a good quality belt that is made to last.

Next is my wallet.  For now I use a cheap leather business card holder.  This keeps things to the basics and forces me to not carry too much around.  Always have a good quality knife with me.  Then there is a small flashlight.  One that is small enough to carry without it being bulky.  An extra battery is a must.  You never know when your battery goes bad until you need it the most.

My cell phone is next.  I carry a gun with a light in a good quality holster.  A gun must be dependable and one that I shoot well.

The holster must be one that fits the pistol and is concealable. With that I always have at least one extra magazine with me.  That is just what I carry on my person.  I also have a backpack with other things that I have around me when I am going out.  It may stay in the car or I carry it around. It breaks down to:

Belt: Mine is from Mitch Rosen.  His products are hand-made with high-grade leather.   I have worn this belt for over 8 years and it still looks great.  The stitching is of a superior quality.  Not the cheapest, but it lasted far longer then all others I have used.

Wallet: just a cheep leather business card holder.  Inside is the basics and my SWAT Teams challenge coin.

Knife:  I like my Emerson Mini Commander knife.   I like the blades style and durability.  Been carrying this one for years.  I also have an Emerson CQC7 knife that I carry at times.

Flashlight: Streamlight Microstream flashlight.  Nice, small and bright!  I always carry an extra AAA battery as well.  That’s because I learned the hard way and needed an extra battery once.  Once, just once……

Cell Phone:  Samsung Note4 in a Seidio case.   I like the good pictures it takes and the ability to take notes on it.  The Seidio case is their Legacy Surface.  I like its peg on the back for setting the phone up on its edge.  They also make a nice belt holster that works good.  I also wear it on by outside vest carrier at work and it holds up extremely well.

Gun and holster:  Glock 19.  I shoot Glocks well.   I carry one at work.   I have others that I use as well  and always go back to my G19.  The weapon light is a Streamlight TLR-1 HL.  Great dependable light.  Very bright and easy to operate. The holster is the Bloodline Nocturnal Holster from Pitbull Tactical.  I like it due to the fact that it can be an inside the waistband or outside the waistband holster.  The holster is molded to fit the pistol and has great retention.  The draw from the holster is smooth and unencumbered.  It fits close to the body with minimal printing if you wear the right clothing.  The magazine pouch is a Bianchi leather mag pouch.  Nothing fancy.  It’s easy to put on and take off.

By dwh747

Holzinger has been on the job since 1990. His primary assignment is the patrol division where he has served as a Field Training Officer. He began his SWAT duties in 2000. Since then he has served as an entry operator, ballistic shield operator and sniper. He is currently the Sniper Team Leader with the South Suburban Emergency Response Team (SSERT) a multi – jurisdictional SWAT that covers over 30 suburban towns on the south side of Chicago, Illinois. Holzinger is a firearms instructor, Taser instructor and armor for his department. He is certified as a Master Firearms Instructor through the University of Illinois, Police Training Institute. He has attended numerous firearms instructor courses to include: pistol, shotgun, semi auto rifle, SMG, police sniper instructor as well as various NRA Instructor courses.

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