June 30, 2022

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Olympic Lifting Ruling the Roost in Support of Specialized Athletics.

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Top 10 Pitching Velocity Workouts

3 Position Cleans – This is the entire series of the Olympic Cleans. This includes the Power Clean, Below the Knee Clean and the Hang Clean. You must have a Certified Trainer coach you the techniques behind these Olympic lifts before you dive into them. There are no better lifts to develop power in the athlete.

Plyometrics – Explosive jump series. These explosive movements coupled with the Olympic Lifts will create optimal leg power which can be converted into linear stride power.

The Sled – This resistance exercise will not only train explosive ankle extension into triple extension but it will also train the motor coordination around the linear Force Vector. This is how to convert your new leg power into linear stride power.

Med Ball Pitch Simulation Throws – There is no better way to train the motor coordination around power pitching mechanics than with a light weight medicine ball. This is with two hands and is the secret behind the 3X Velocity System which is the throwing program in the 3X Pitching Velocity program.
Med Ball Rotational Throws – This will enhance the stretch shortening cycle of the core which will enhance the bodies ability to generate and store elastic energy.

Strength Shoes Training – Training with the famous Strength Shoes will enhance the power production of any workout, especially using the strength shoes with the 3X Velocity System. It will force the ankle to kick faster, promoting more explosive triple extension which will create more hip rotation at front foot strike, during the pitching delivery. This has been one of my little secrets that I offer to all my pitchers who come down to my 3X Velocity Camps. It is a velocity gem!

Heavy Load Russian Twists – Add the heaviest weight you can to your Russian Twists. Remember velocity can be enhanced more by the intent to move faster than by actually moving faster.

Baseball to Football External to Internal Speed Throws – This is using the light weight baseball and the heavier football to train the external rotation of the rotator cuff. Remember to finish with optimal pronation of the throwing arm.

Pavel Squats – These squats should be performed after your Cleans. This will promote optimal hip rotation as you squat low while training leg extension as you extend up. This will support a strong extended front leg at pitch release like Justin Verlander.

Mind Over Matter Visualization – This is not a physical exercise but a mental exercise. We are bound by nothing. We are what we think we are. If you can visualize yourself throwing hard and you can program this into your brain repeatedly then you will throw harder. I promise!
– See more at: http://www.topvelocity.net/top-10-pitching-velocity-worko…/


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