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My Fallen Friends (Poem)

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fallenbWhile taking a mandatory arts class at Saint Leo University, at Savannah Center, the class was assigned a final project. For the final project I had to sing a song, dance a dance, or write and recite a poem. I cannot sing or dance so tried to write a poem. The problem was I did not like poetry and surely could not write a poem. The next morning when I got to work I looked at my wall, where I kept pictures of all my fallen friends, and it hit me, write about them. I made a few notes and then went into my office and wrote this, my first, poem. It took me 10 minutes to write it and 8 weeks to edit it.

My Fallen Friends

By David K. Devaney


So far I have lost 58 (started at 27) of my friends,

I hope one day this all ends.

One tragedy after another,

Oh my God, another of my fallen brothers.


Right after September Eleventh I lost my first friend,

He was a good man and I know he went to Heaven in the end.

He was a Special Forces Sniper, from a good bunch,

I’m sure I will see him again; but that is just a hunch.


Two were Navy Corpsman, our battlefield savior,

You could tell, by their heroic behavior.

They loved their Marines, like their own brothers,

I pray for them both, I pray for their mothers.


Seven were from my Battalion,

They died while fighting like a majestic hellion.

Warriors were they all,

I think of them most often of all.


One was my Commanding Officer, until his end,

He was my commander, my peer and my friend.

He was evaporated by an Improvised Explosive Device,

I wrote his wife as I wept and it didn’t feel nice.


Forty-three were brother snipers of mine,

Now I weep when I hear a church bell chime.

Some were close friends, and others were not as close,

I loved them all the same, I keep their memory close.


Eleven were very close friends,

My heartbreaks and then it mends.

But all I think in my heart,

Is who will be next, it’s like throwing a dart.


One I had never met before,

I had to tell his mother he was no more.

But I knew him anyway,

I do not want to do that again, on any day.


Another I had never met, was a EOD tech.,

I told his pregnant wife; what the heck.

I told his wife he was a hero, but would not be coming home,

She said take his arms, take his legs, I don’t want to be alone.


I hate the TV, I hate the news,

My heart cannot handle, another bruise.

When will I lose my next friend,

I hope, very soon this will end!






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