Tue. Aug 4th, 2020

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Do you like a single point sling for its ability to transition between shoulders and have an issue with its not being practical when needing two hands or moving around when your rifle is not in use?  You have to check out the McLean DRS Sling!   McLean Corporation is a Veteran Owned business and makes their products in the USA.

The McLean DRS (Dynamic Retention Sling) Sling is a single point sling that transitions into a two point sling for when you need a better way to hold your rifle when not in use.  As a single point sling you have all the movement and benefits of a single point sling, like being able to switch between shoulders easily.  As a two point sling you can sling your rifle close to your body, toss it over your shoulder, move it behind your back or move it off your center-line when you need both hands free without having to worry about the rifle flopping around as you move.

The sling has a release buckle that connects to the front of your rifle to make that 2 point connection.  Pull the quick release and now your at a single point in a fraction of a second.  Do you need to tighten up the slack in the sling to draw it in tighter?  No problem.  Pull on the sling tab to cinch it up tight.  When its time to release it pull on the quick release and let out the slack.

The DRS Sling uses the same attachment point that you already use for all single point slings.  The DRS Sling will also need an attachment point on the front of your rifle.  For the front attachment point, I used the pictatinny rail sling mount that I already had.  Once mounted then I adjusted the length to fit and that was it.  A quick and simple install.


After getting a feel for the dual purpose pull point that both releases the sling from its two point connection and single point, I found the DRS Sling really easy to use.  Once you have that 2 point connection its really easy to move the rifle behind your back for hands free movement.  To return the rifle to the front is no different than what is already done for a traditional sling.   As with all new equipment, I suggest always training with it before taking it out in the field.  Taking the time before hand to make sure it works for you makes the difference between a successful encounter or not!

The DRS sling is made from 1 ½ inch wide nylon and double stitched at all stress points.  Put together just as I would expect a made in the USA product should be.

The DRS Sling comes in Black, Ranger Green, Coyote Brown and MultiCam (MSRP $69.99 and $72.99 for MultiCam).

Cost:                5/5

Comfort:          5/5

Durability:       5/5

Functionality:  5/5

Weight:            5/5

Total:               25/25


Overall Rating:  Excellent.  Highly recommended.  I liked this sling so much I replaced the 2 point sling that I have been using for the last 10 years with the McLean DRS Sling!!!!

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Poor/Unacceptable: Worse than expected, or desirable: of a low or inferior standard or quality.

Fair:  In conformity with reasonable expectations, but in comparison to competitors it may be deficient.

Average:  Common item; item neither lacks from or is superior than a competitors item.

Good:  The item is desirable and has qualities that excel in comparison to a competitors item.

Excellent:  Outstanding, possesses superior quality remarkably good.

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