It’s around 0730 on a rainy, cold, cloudy Monday morning; on the yellow line on my way to work. The train makes the next stop and a young gentleman with dark hair, medium length beard, standing around 5ft11 in height boards the train. He wears a flannel button down shirt, brown pants, a camouflage pattern backpack, with MOLLE attachment all around it and has a folding knife neatly tucked into his pocket. He approaches my bench and asks if the seat was taken. “By you” I respond. The young man adjusts his waist band and takes his seat. As a veteran myself I love to talk and thank our service members’ current and past for their sacrifice.

“Hey bud, thank you for your service” as I reach my hand out for a handshake.

The young man looks shocked as to how I know about his service and returns my handshake with a confused smile. We exchange pleasantries and wish best of luck and happiness in each other’s lives as my stop approaches.

I’m sure we all have seen this guy far too often, sticking out like a sore thumb. As a law-abiding citizen who legally carries a concealed firearm, any unnecessary attention i draw to myself can make me a target and be a potential danger for me or to those around me. There needs to be some kind of tactical advantage to concealed carry, if not then what’s the point? Tactical style backpacks are useful for many outdoor activities, however they are generally designed for survival use in a battlefield environment, not for everyday use when trying to blend in with the rest of society.

The Maxpedition Entity Series offers a discreet concealed carry tactical backpack with everyday use in mind. The concept for Maxpedition’s Entity Series is low-profile, extending through its muted branding, paired with clean cut design, without compromising one’s tactical wants and needs.

The featured backpack  in this review is the Entity 19, providing 19 liters of storage space in total. The series offers 10 different bags from 7 liter sling packs all the way up to 35 liter internal frame backpacks, and everything in between. Each one offering tactical features in a low profile functional aesthetic.

From the website:

Entity Product Features

  • YKK® Zippers with Positive Grip Pulls
  • CCW Compartment with Security Lockout Strip
  • 500D N/P Hybrid Heathered Fabric with Polyurethane Coating
  • Tuckable Magnetic Wings for Quick Closure
  • Reinforced MOLLE/PALS Attachment Points
  • Custom Fabricated Shapeshift™ Webbing
  • Detachable & Concealable Drawbridge Straps
  • Refined Construction with Elegant Inlays
  • Duraflex® Xlite® Buckles
  • Fray-Resistant Gossamer™ Mesh
  • 420D Nylon Liner Embossed with Anti-Counterfeit Logos
  • Very Visible Grayscale Interior
  • Skin Friendly Nylon Seatbelt Webbing

Watch the video below for a nice demonstration of all the features and to hear about why this is my new everyday carry bag.

The exterior of the backpack is polyurethane-coated and weather resistant, with sturdy stitching that is well reinforced to ensure durability through everyday wear and tear. Zippers for main compartments have a finger loop attached for easy access to your belongings, even with gloves, without the need for fishing around for where the zipper is located.

Dual expandable bottle holders on both sides expand to your needs with a simple pull of a zipper. When the larger compartment is not needed, simply zip it up, and tuck the zipper in to the tab for extra security.

The backpack offers a clamshell opening design for easy access to your gear. Hook and straps are available inside to secure the flap of the main compartment, if you don’t want or need the bag to fully open. Magnetic closures on the front flap just in case you forget to zip it up. The back of the pack and shoulder straps are padded for your comfort, and each shoulder strap comes with a quick release buckle, for emergency situations. The straps itself offers you the ability to attach smaller admin pouches without looking like a MOLLE attachment. You can add anything you may need, such as a cell phone pouch or a multi tool pouch, which can be found on the Maxpedition Entity series webpage.

Inside of the pack there is an open compartment for your tablet or a laptop, webbed storage on each side and a zippered admin pouch for smaller items. To further help your organizational needs the fabric is lined with soft loop attachments. Additional hook and loop storage options are available from Maxpedition.

In between the back padding and the lap top compartment there is a hidden compartment for your conceal carry weapon secured with more soft loop lining. This pocket is accessible from both sides depending on if you are a righty or lefty. The weapon is secured in place with a universal holster with hook backing allowing you to adjust the placement to however your hand naturally falls when reaching in. When this compartment is not used to conceal a weapon, it can be used for items you need to access frequently (wallet, keys, etc) and with ease without the need of unloading the entire bag off your shoulders.

For females this compartment acts as your shouldered purse when needed with the comfort of a backpack, as i demonstrate in the video above. Maxpedition did not forget about your organization needs for this compartment either. It comes with a long Velcro strap that fits lengthwise inside the compartment, and when firmly pressed down the compartment becomes two compartments from one.

As stated above, Maxpedition Entity series offers all your tactical needs, all while allowing you to blend in with the crowd with its sleek clean design. Remember, you don’t want to be like “that guy” I met on the train and stand out, basically wearing a sign that says “I’m probably armed”.

“Keep your head on a swivel, stay alert stay alive”


By Jenny

Jenny Kim served in the Army with two deployments to Iraq. She was a Customs and Border Protections (CBP) officer working on the border of Mexico in the state of Arizona for five years. Is currently a Federal Immigration Officer with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

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