May 27, 2022

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LOST: A Journey to Healing Cannot Happen if You Don’t get on the Path

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There may be times in a man’s life where he feels like he cannot breathe, cannot sleep, cannot rest, and cannot dream. He doesn’t want to eat any longer, cannot go, cannot stay, feels as if he’s lost all direction and yet he desires to flee.

Flee from what?

He halts when he needs to hurl himself into a task, loses confidence in himself when he should feel some kind, any kind of purpose, and he escapes from challenges when he should knuckle-down and get it done.

Men with a strategy, will press-on, despite every experienced displeasure because he knows that all challenges, good ones and even the bad ones, have an ending. Men without a plan will continue to drift. Those who are willing to ask for help will get through the hard times due to the help given by their brothers.

A man’s journey on the long walk of life illuminates something about himself but he first has to get on the path to find out what that is. He will gain an intimate understanding about what kind of person he is. Successes and failures will never stop but he’ll see that he is a warrior and can handle anything. Sometimes warriors lose their way. Other warriors must guide him back onto the road.

Men who escape from engaging in a challenge will always lose an opportunity to grow and will never realize how close they were to success; their destination and way point. Brothers have got his back to guide him and he will get a respite from the torture.

Where have all the grownups gone? Men grow in the company of other “men”. Boys cannot grow if they are around other boys. Men who regress into boys will run from future fights rather than charge towards it. Stay connected with your band of brothers.

If you are feeling disconnected in life here are a few steps to get back on the path my friend:

1. Meet your problems head on rather than avoid them.
2. Keep your word. Breaking your word makes you lose faith in yourself. Keeping your word builds confidence in yourself. You’ll finish regardless of the challenges.
3. Be courageous. Have the guts to tell yourself the truth about what is going on. Once you can do that you’ll be able to deal with the problem. Tell others so they can help you.
4. Be restrained. Have self-control. Don’t chase after fleeting things but wait for the right moment and do the right thing when the times comes. Resist temptation.
5. Own up to the results of your choices. If you made a bad decision then own up to it and deal with the consequences.
6. Examine yourself every single chance you get.



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