For over a year now, I have owned the Lionheart LH9. I purchased mine for about 40% less than the normal value of the pistol. Usually these pistols go for about $750. The pistol only came with one magazine, and a cleaning kit. The pistol was conditioned out of the box with Froglube, which is included with the pistol cleaning kit. I personally was bitter about the fact that there was only one magazine with the pistol, but I was able to acquire extra magazines for testing.

At this point, I have reached around 16,500 rounds with the pistol with no malfunctions. But recently, I finally got a spring to wear out. The trigger bar spring finally gave out, which is not unexpected. Personally, I am surprised that the trigger return spring did not go before the trigger bar spring. That trigger return spring saw substantially more use than any other. Usually the trigger return springs will be the first things to fail on these types of pistols. The time it took was surprising, considering no springs were changed and I would dry fire and manipulate it over 10 times for every one shot fired. This is very unheard of for other metal framed pistols. I accidentally lost the spring while at the range, but I got to see that the spring was still somewhat whole, but only by a tiny piece of the outside of the spring.

The Korean military has reported very few issues with the integrity of there heavily aged firearms. The impressive performance and service life of the pistols has only encouraged them to trust it to the point of continued contracts and service. Korea being a war ready country has trusted this design for over 25 years, and has seen no real reason to switch to another design.

If you are not real familiar with this platform, I think you will be well suited to look into it seriously. The trigger system basically merges the function of the 1911 trigger and the double action. You get the length, but not the weight. I have yet to see someone fail to shoot well with the pistol after coming from from a striker fired trigger system. Anyways, check the pistols out here, and give it some good thought.

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