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Latitude 15-45×60 Tactical Spotting Scope

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Latitude 15-45 x 60 Tactical Spotting Scope

By Sightmark 

Review by Fred Fusco



This is the gear review for the Sightmark Latitude 15-45 X 60 Tactical Spotting Scope . I will discuss the optic in four categories…Cost, Durability, Size/weight, and Function. Here are some of the manufacturer’s specifications:

  • Close Focus Distance27/8
    Diameter, Exit Pupil4.2-1.3
    Diameter, Objective Lens60
    Eye relief (in/mm)1.06-1.02/27-26
    Eyecup systemTwist-up
    Field of View (ft/1,000yds)177-60
    Field of View (m/1,000m)59-20
    Field of View, degree3.36-1.1
    Focus System, Cent/Ind/FixCentral
    Focusing Lens, Eye/Obj/IntEyepiece
    Fog ProofYes
    Height (in/mm)5.7/145
    IP Rating (waterproof)IP-67- waterproof to 1m/3ft for 1 hour
    Length (in/mm)11/279
    Lens CoatingFully multi-coated
    Relative Brightness17.64-1.69
    Tripod Mount, inch1/4
    Twilight Index30-52
    Weight, oz45.7
    Width (in/mm)3/76



The Sightmark Latitude 15-45 X 60 Tactical Spotting Scope has a retail price of $499.97. I couldn’t find the MSRP on Sightmark’s site, but this was the average price from several of the larger and more reputable vendors. The price of this scope is really good for the product you get. I have used similar spotting scopes for around the same price point that were not very impressive.   The scope is warranted free of defects in materials and workmanship with the Sightmark Limited Lifetime Warranty. More information for the warranty program can be found at Sightmark


When I opened the box and shipping materials and pulled out this spotting scope, I was immediately impressed. The scope was extremely sturdy and looked well built. The unit is IP67 rated which means dust proof, fog proof, and waterproof (submersible up to 1 meter). It also came with a carrying case, two accessory rails, and a lens cover and eyepiece cover. The eyepiece and lens covers are rubber and stay on well which I like since another scope I routinely use has similar covers that always fall off and I have to rubber band or tape them in place. The exterior of the scope has rubber armored housing which protects it from drops and general bumping and banging.




The size of the Latitude spotting scope is relatively small compared to some other 15-45 power scopes. It has an impressive 60 mm objective lens. It is light weight weighing in at 45.7 ounces. Packing in a range bag or gun case is easy due to it’s compact dimensions. I had no issues packing it with my other gear I normally take to the range. A nylon soft case is included to give some extra protection.


The Lattitude spotting scope has a magnification range from 15-45 power. This is a good functional range and I really haven’t needed anything greater than this. In fact, I rarely go above 30-35 power in magnification. Because the scope is from the tactical line of Sightmark products, it also has a first focal plane reticle utilizing the milliradian scale for range estimation and calling shot corrections. Using a FFP, or first focal plane reticle, is much easier and faster than a second focal plane reticle. FFP simply means when you magnify the scope, the reticle magnifies along with the image. In a second focal plane scope, the reticle remains the same size throughout the entire range of magnification. In a FFP scope, it doesn’t matter what power setting you are using, the scale of measurement when measuring targets is applicable regardless of power of magnification. In SFP, you have to be in the max power setting in order to use the reticle for measurement.

The reticle photos I took with my I-Phone do not do this scope justice. Unfortunately I could not find any reticle pictures on the company’s website. The reticle has half mil hash-marks on the lower half of the verticle line and on the right half of the horizontal line. There are also mil number references on the even mil number reference marks (digits) on the right and lower lines. The left side of the horizontal line and top half of the verticle line have 1 mil hash marks without any number references (digits).

The bottom area of the viewing area has quick reference marks with corresponding numbers. These are to get a quick distance to a target by using the horizontal reference line which is the shoulder to shoulder distance on an IPSC target which is 18 inches. By aligning the target to this horizontal mark, the number below gives you a quick distance in 100 yard increments.

As far as clarity of the glass goes, Sightmark did a great job in this area as well. It was clear and crisp with no haze. I had no issues spotting bullet trace for shooters and to make corrections and calling winds. The clarity was fine and there were no noticeable marks or spots. It was even and consistent across the spectrum of the field of view in all magnification ranges.

The adjustment for magnification is a large bezel ring which is closest to the scope body. It moves freely but not so freely that bumping the scope would move it. Behind the power adjustment ring is the reticle focus to adjust the focus of the reticle to get it as sharp and crisp as possible. Then the next adjustment ring closest to the eyepiece is the diopter adjustment. This adjust the scope focus to the spotter’s individual eye. There is also a retractable eyepiece shade that retracts when you rotate the ring.

Another convenient feature of the Latitude is the rails mounted both on top and the bottom of the scope body. These picatinny style rails have a tripod mount which is 1/4 inch. Both the rails have this feature so you can either attach the scope to a tripod with the threaded connector or the rails themselves. I found this to be nice to use the scope in different configurations and on a couple different tripod systems.



The Sightmark Latitude 15-45 X 60 Tactical Spotting Scope is a fine piece of equipment that is both affordable and rugged. It has a variety of attachment options for mounting it to a tripod system. The glass is good quality and never had any issues with clarity, especially when spotting trace from rounds being shot. This is a trait that makes the scope highly desirable.

If you are looking for a quality spotting scope with a reticle that isn’t super expensive and still durable, the Latitude is for you. It is available in a higher magnification range (20-60X) as well as with and without a ranging reticle.

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I received this product as a courtesy from the manufacturer via Spotter Up so I could test it and give my honest feedback. I am not bound by any written, verbal, or implied contract to give this product a good review. All opinions are my own and are based off my personal experience with the product.

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