I’m wearing the Klik belt 1.75″ Wide Duty Belt D-Ring Matte Black

There are many companies offering tactical inspired belts. I covered how to find a good rigger’s belt in one of my older articles for those unfamiliar with what they are. Tactical belts are made out of a robust kind of webbing material and include a sturdy buckle. Belts such as these not only provide the cool factor but they are useful for those looking for an added layer of safety and functionality beyond what traditional men’s utility or dress belts offer.

A simple yet good looking belt

Those kinds of belts can be used to hold up gear, such as holsters, flashlights, or gun magazines, from sliding off your hips. They usually come in a variety of colors. The standard colors are black, tan, and OD Green. I find them to be excellent for holding up my concealed carry weapon and holster and I prefer them over any leather belt that utilizes a roller buckle. A roller buckle features a roller where the belt tip meets the buckle. Roller buckles are most often used on handbags, purses, and briefcases.

Enter Klik Belts. The company brings tactical gear to street wear fans. Klick customers don’t have to be military, law enforcement or emergency responders. Perhaps they just want a reliable non-leather belt.  Those who prefer hook and loop fasteners along with parachute grade buckles can now buy them from Klick belts. Klik belts got their start on Kickstarter and it appears they created a good campaign. Over 1,055 backers pledged $73,303 to help bring their project to life on an initial $10,000 that was asked for. I agree with their slogan, “You only wear one belt, make sure it’s the world’s best.” I will always buy the best that I can afford. When it comes to athletic gear such as my running shoes or gear that I will use with my gun, be assured that it will be quality made.

Klik Collars 1" - On Duty

The company offers 1. 5″ 1-ply belts, 1.5″ 2 ply tactical belts and the beefier 1.75″ duty belt. They also offer D ring belts and dog collars. The dog collars come in come in Hunter Orange, Coyote, Wolf Grey, OD Green, Green, Aqua, Navy Blue, Pink and Yellow. The collars are 1″ and adjustable, and made for medium-large sized dogs with neck sizes 18″ – 26″ (measured as distance around dogs neck) which is perfect for Boxers, Labs, Shepherds and other medium-large sized breeds of dogs, as noted on their website. The belts retail from $49.00 up to $79.00. Klik sent me a belt in very speedy time.

Fabric hoop to hold the excess belt material down across the belt and against your waist

The military and along with our first responder brethren are already familiar with tactical belts. They are great for holding up your tool bag, drop leg holster or they provide another layer of protection when using a rappelling harness. Companies such as Blackhawk, and S.O.E offer rigger’s belts, but Klick is bringing them to an audience unfamiliar with this kind of belt. Klik belts YouTube videos show they are reaching a different demographic and its a smart move. You can be stylish and prepared. A good belt is useful for pulling someone to safety, it works as a splint fastener, and much more. While I don’t foresee myself doing that daily in my business suit I do carry a sidearm everywhere I go when I’m dressed in a suit and tie. The belt can be paired with a jacket and slacks.

The belts have a high tensile strength, are pliable yet strong and stays rigid yet comfortable when it is worn around the waist. The military grade webbing they use is a strong fabric woven as a flat strip. It is used in climbing, slacklining, parachuting, military apparel, furniture manufacturing, towing, load securing, automobile safety, auto racing, and many other fields.

Note: parachute grade buckles and ‘V’ and ‘D’ rings tie-in anchor points should meet the general requirements for all commercial hardware per the Parachute Industry Associations PIA-H-7195 specifications. The buckle tie in points must meet Mil-specs. and each component should have a rust resistant finish, and be smooth in order to not cause snags.

Nice and heavy double layering

For military use webbing should be a standard 1 3/4″ wide, and .080″-.120″ thick and made of a super strong nylon with at least 7000 pounds of tensile strength in order to be used for safety harnesses, tie-downs, slings, cargo nets, restraints, & straps. Lastly, the hook & loop liner should be of a quality that minimizes friction/wear to the belt at the hardware contact points. You can find a list of webbing specs here

The belt has the stitched verse from Ephesians 6:14. The New International Version (NIV) is noted as, “14 Stand firm then, with the belt of truth buckled around your waist,”

Klik belts uses bonded nylon thread and a quick release buckle on some of their models for those wanting to disengage asap! Their belts use a 7075 Aluminum alloy Cobra® buckle, with solid brass release clips, and mil spec 1 1/2″ nylon webbing. Cobra® buckle was developed and manufactured in Austria, out of 7075 aluminum. The aero-space industry has been using this material since 1943 for everything from commercial planes, fighter jets, and space travel. It’s one of the strongest metals available without the weight of standard metals.

The Klik belts are lightweight and very strong. If you have the money to spare I recommend investing in one of these belts. They’ve got the right look, a fair price, the company spreads a good message and they are off to a good start. Check them out!

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I’m wearing the Klik belt 1.75″ Wide Duty Belt D-Ring Matte Black with my Armordillo IWB holster.

By Michael Kurcina

Mike credits his early military training as the one thing that kept him disciplined through the many years. He currently provides his expertise as an adviser for an agency within the DoD. Michael Kurcina subscribes to the Spotter Up way of life. “I will either find a way or I will make one”.

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