December 1, 2022

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Jon Dufresne Doing Shooting Drills: 2-2-4-2-2

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Shooting is a skill, and to keep it one needs practice. Repetitive instruction builds the skills you need for shooting quickly and accurately. Different drills are used to develop different skills.

Shooting practice allows a shooter to have a better conceptual understanding of such things as: stance, shot placement, trigger control, and sight alignment. Shooting drills like the 2-2-4-2-2 Jon is performing allows new shooters to track their own shooting progress over time as they shoot. Shooting drills also lets new shooters see how they’re handling/manipulating their firearm.

Jon states that, “I like to mix in performance shooting drills into my regular practice for a variety of reasons. For one, efficiency. Look at most professional shooters and how efficient they are. I think blending of the defensive and performance have improved my shooting dramatically. Be open-minded and go learn.”

Performance can be defined as a single task that reduces a man to the level of a machine. Become the machine! Watch the video below and incorporate different drills into your visits.

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