May 27, 2022

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Walther P99 4,000 Round Performance

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The Walther P99 was the first pistol that my wife and I bought together. It has somewhat of a sentimental value to us, and it was the first Walther that my wife had owned. We loved the pistol right away and have continued to enjoy shooting it together. I have used it often as a preferred concealed carry pistol in the spring and winter times. The pistol just seems to click for me when I shoot it. After shooting the Walther P99 for a few years and a few thousand rounds, I have only come to love it more. Watch video below:

The Walther P99 has been a great performer for me. It seemed a little odd at first due to the grip shape and the lack of texturing, but the performance you get out of this pistol makes it an awesome pistol. It is not hard to see why the Turkish gun manufacturers used the P99 as a base for their own designs. The Walther PPQ is bigger in the popularity department, but I feel that people fail to realize that the PPQ is a variant of the P99 but with a different name for American marketing purposes.

The classic design of the P99 is due for an upgrade, if you ask me. If you look at Europe, it would seem that all the P99 pistols have PPQ-esque characteristics. I think that would help the pistol alot in terms of attracting people right out of the gate. Also, I feel that Walther would do good to start selling their pistols with metal photo-luminescent sights. I have yet to even scratch the polymer sights on my P99, but metal sights just seem to give me that warm and fuzzy as a rough user.

I personally find the Walther P99 to be one of the most versatile pistols in my collection. Apart from the changes that I feel would bring the pistol to the next level, it stands as one of the few pistols in my collection that I feel that I can count on to do whatever I need it to do. That alone, for me, makes this pistol a huge value.

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