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HK P2000: The Better USP Compact

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hk p2000

The H&K P2000 seems to glide under the radar of many H&K fans. It is either the classic hardcore USP fanaticism, or the new, cutting edge craze over the P30(SK) and VP9(SK) that causes the P2000 to go unnoticed.

But the P2000 seems to get caught in “no mans land” when it comes to raving about H&K pistols. The only one that does get attention is the P2000SK, but that may change due to the P30SK coming out. For the life of me, I can not understand why an H&K that is built to the same standard as the $1000 P30 is ignored when it costs only $500-$650.

The H&K P2000 was an intentional upgrade to the beloved USP Compact models, which seems to have the most contracts worldwide of all the H&K pistols. This made it an obvious choice as the model to bring H&K into the 21st century. I think it is a great design upgrade for the most part.

There are so many good qualities about the P2000 that improves on the USP Compact per the feedback they received from users.

For me, deciding between the P30 and the USP was hard, but it was the small things about the P2000 that made it just right for my needs. Things like the sights being full size USP sights so the sight picture is better and there are more aftermarket options.

They took away the manual safety and now there is simply a DA/SA or LEM trigger system to choose from. The LEM, or Law Enforcement Modification trigger is very popular and is the chosen trigger system for the Border Patrol. I personally like the classic DA/SA system(Variant 3), because I am a weirdo.

The trigger guard design was a big player in what drove me away from the P30. On the P2000, the trigger guard lacks the trough that many shooters have grown to hate. The trough on the P30 trigger guard constantly rubs on my finger edges and gives blisters easily.

The P2000 carries on with the standard USP trigger guard design that does not get in the way of the trigger finger.

This is a much better design in my opinion, and again, it was a deciding factor that almost pushed me all the way to the USP line until I found that the P2000 had it too.

In the end, my decision to go with the P2000 was a good one in my opinion. The more research I do on the platform, the more I feel like H&K hit a mark with it. If the P30 had kept in line with the USP as far as sights and trigger guard, I would not have even considered the P2000. But here we are, and the P2000 is going nowhere. It is the same price as a Gen4 Glock and there are plenty out there getting no love.

4 thoughts on “HK P2000: The Better USP Compact

  1. I also don’t understand why the P2000 is not more popular. I love mine and chose it over the P30 and the price was the same for both.

  2. Your totally correct, I have the P-30 love it, can’t miss out of the box. I also have excess 10,000 rounds out the barrel, with only two spring changes. I’ll stand by it every time I use it. Now I’m on the p 2000. We’ll see how it holds up to the wear.

  3. With todays civil situation, my thoughts were: If I bought 1 last gun, what would it be? The answer came down to 3. Barretta 92 compact 9mm , CZ 75 compact 9mm, or HK USP compact 9mm. I found all 3. I liked the USP compact the most, but the cheapest one I found was $1,040+ tax. I’m not doing that. I saw the P2000 V3 at the same time. They were so much alike in appearance, and at $700 out the door, a better deal. I have run about 1000 rounds through it. Simply love it. This is my carry weapon.

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