It’s my pleasure to introduce you all to Heston Russell, a man on a mission now to use his expert problem solving skills in the service of others , and bring about balance , perspective and responsibility into Australian society and culture, n ow and into the future, To action this, Heston has entered politics, supporting and improving Australian culture and bring back that National Spirit. In the middle of this endeavour, the ABC ( Australian government media) picked a fight with him and has been of late, incredibly underhanded.Amidst false allegations to himself and the soldiers he led in battle, the experience of coming out as homosexual after many years denying his natural sexuality and facing competitive rather than collaborative veteran charity organisations, he remains positive, and altruistic in his political motivations. Heston has seen true evil in his wartime experiences, from fighting ISIS in Iraq and he speaks about the horror that the media simply does not report, that we as a public who sends our children to battle, should rightly know. You can find out much more about Heston and his competence and character at And on Insta at I am Damian Porter , Former Special Forces Operator, High Performance Living Coach from and you can listen to my STRAIGHT TALK MIND AND MUSCLE PODCAST sponsored by www.realketonesaustralia.comthe best and most effective ketone supplement on the market to reduce anxiety, enhance brain performance and supply twice as much energy as glucose. links for my former shows are here- YouTube-    • Straight Talk- Mi…   spotify:… Itunes –… Google –… Amazon…

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