June 23, 2021

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Sometimes the Dark is Church

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“And when the night comes sometimes the dark is church. Bring your pain and cry it out, and then get back to living the rest of your life.”~MIchael Kurcina

Life gets tough sometimes. We spend so much time grinding, fighting, trying to make our place in the world that we actually lose a sense of who we are. Weeping can often bring a man back to who he was before the tumult. Being part of a group because of our work, or being single because of divorce can separate a man from himself. Sometimes it’s in movement that a man loses the sense of who he is. Sometimes it’s in the stillness that a man finds himself. Weeping in darkness brings him to a place where he can restart. The poet Gaius Valerius Catullus wrote a tender poem to the brother he lost, the poem being the best gift that he could bestow. “Ave atque vale”, he wrote; Hail and Farewell. In your pain bestow a gift on others; restore the balance; your injury for their healing. Say goodbye and move ahead.

How? Cry. Ask why you cry, and then use the answers to map out your next move. Use your pain wisely. Use your pain. There should be one good day in your life that you can look back upon and remember when you were handsome and holy; one good day when the things you loved crumbled around you but you rose up and stood up against men, and those things worthy of fear: when others acted with weakness you acted with courage and righteousness. In old age you’ll be able to look back with fondness; when life gets tough let that memory carry you.

I never knew what my mission in life was until I lost something precious to me. Learn your mission, get back into the fight. You are a son of man and a child of God. Be fearless. 📸 @perryyee #fightback

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