Sat. Feb 22nd, 2020

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Gunner Crate: Worthy Gift For The Tactically-Minded

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During holidays, my wife typically has a hard time shopping for me. I usually have everything I want because I have the money to get it. And if I don’t have it, usually it is because I can’t afford it, or I can live without it. But this Christmas, my wife stumbled across a site that is catered around giving people, like myself, a box monthly that is packed full of surprises and gifts that are typically considered valuable, and generally useful.

Gunner Crate is a veteran owned and operated subscription service that sends out gear that is tested and proven to recreational and competition shooters. Their goal is to send out a combination of baseline and core gear(cleaning kits, Targets) along with random goodies and swag to keep your love for the range fueled. Gunner crate works with several big names in the gun industry to send out top quality gear to their subscribers. They claim that all the gear they send out is tested and approved by their highly experienced experts within the company.

If you enjoy building your shooting skills and can spare at least $50 a month, I would say that this is definitely something you will find handy. Just in my first delivery, I got things that are going to be invaluable.




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