May 21, 2022

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Galco Ankle Trauma Medical Kit

We live in an increasingly dangerous world. Everyone should carry a trauma kit and have the training to use it. According to published research (JAMA Surgery, October 2017), the average response time in the U.S. from the time of a 911 call to arrival of EMS on scene was seven minutes. This increased to more than 14 minutes in rural settings. A person can bleed out long before then.

You are your own first responder. In an active shooter or terrorist incident, EMS won’t reach victims until the threat has been neutralized. During the Paris attacks on 13 November 2015, it was over 160 minutes from the time the terrorists fired the first shots in the Bataclan theater until the responding emergency personnel were able to reach those inside the venue.

Everyone should carry a trauma kit and have the training to use it. Ankle carry is  a popular option for low-profile EDC of med gear. Galco Ankle Trauma Medical Kit shown is excellent way to do so.

The issue for most of us is the lack of space to carry the required gear in civilian or profession attire. If it’s not practical, convenient and comfortable most people simply won’t carry it. Ankle carry is a popular option for the low-profile EDC of med gear on one’s person where it’s easily accessible. Galco® Holsters recently sent me its Ankle Trauma Medical Kit (ATM-KIT) for evaluation.

Originally founded In Chicago, Illinois as the Famous Jackass Leather Company, Galco has been in the business of making holsters and related products since since 1969. The company relocated to Phoenix, Arizona in 1983. The company garnered national visibility with its signature Miami Classic shoulder rig worn by Don Johnson as Detective James “Sonny” Crockett in the popular 80s television series Miami Vice. Galco remains one of America’s premier gun leather companies. All of its products are proudly handmade in the USA.

Galco Ankle Trauma Medical Kit

The Galco ATM-KIT is designed for the convenient EDC of user-supplied essential medical supplies. In designing the ATM-KIT, Galco leveraged its decades of experience garnered from its line of ankle holsters for small concealed carry handguns.

The ATM-KIT features a 4.4” wide high-grade breathable neoprene band with secure hook-and-loop closure and five neoprene pockets of various widths. The ATM-Kit’s constructed of two sections of neoprene sewn together. Each pocket features a separate retention strap with adjustable Velcro® hook-and-loop closure to secure gear in the pocket. The ankle band is secured by a separate 4”x5” hook-and-loop panel. The ATM-KIT weighs 3.6 oz. empty.

The ATM-KIT fits ankles up to 16” in circumference. Minimum circumference is approximately 14”. A Boot Extender™ is available from Galco as an optional accessory. The Boot Extender extends the length by 1” to 5”, allowing the ATM-KIT to be worn with boots or by those with larger ankles and need an extended ankle wrap.

The Galco Ankle Trauma Medical Kit has wide, high-grade neoprene band with secure hook-and-loop closure and five neoprene pockets of various widths, each with a retention strap for security. It does not include tools or supplies.

The Boot Extender is constructed of neoprene with a suede tongue made of Premium Center Cut Steerhide and hook-and-loop closure. The suede tongue protects the neoprene from being damaged by boot eyelets.

Galco uses 1/8″ thick breathable neoprene for the cuffs on all its ankle holsters/accessories. The neoprene provides  cushioning, flexibility and stretch that aid in comfort. Coupled with the varying sized pouches it allows you to customize your kit to fit various potential scenarios. It allows you to carry a lot of gear comfortably with the weight evenly distributed.

I typically carry a C-A-T®, SWAT-T®, Combat Gauze® and HyFin® Vent Compact Chest Seals, as well as nitrile gloves and a Benchmade® Rescue Hook and/or NAR Trauma Shears in the ATM-KIT when I opt for ankle carry of my med supplies. I carry a C-A-T as my primary tourniquet. Although the SWAT-T isn’t my first choice for a tourniquet, it’s compact and serves a variety of roles. It’s a medical multi-tool that may be employed as a tourniquet, pressure dressing, occlusive device, elastic bandage, sling and swathe, and more, making it a popular choice for many compact trauma kits.

The ATM-KIT has proven to be a great way to carry my med gear / trauma supplies when I opt for that mode of carry. It’s very comfortable and secure on the ankle. There hasn’t been any slippage of the rig, even when engaging in rigorous activities, Although the neoprene construction does add some thickness, it’s minimal. Ankle carry is not practical with all attire. Fitting under slim or tapered pants may be difficult and may noticeably print. The latter holds true for all ankle rigs.

It’s versatile. Although designed for med gear / supplies, the ATM-KIT can also be used to expand your on-body carry of other essentials, allowing you to relocate them from places they’re ordinarily carried. for convenience and concealment. Ankles are often overlooked during inspections and cursory searches. It should be noted that Galco does make a product called the Ankle Safespecifically for the ankle carry of accessories..

To Sum Up

The Galco Ankle Trauma Medical Kit (ATM-KIT) is an excellent option for the EDC of an IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit) / trauma kit. As with all Galco products, it’s very well thought out and exceptionally well-made. MSRP for the ATM-Kit’s $76.00. The Boot Extender has a MSRP of $36.00. Both are available in black only. The ARM-KIT is sold without tools or supplies.


Galco Holsters

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