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G-Sight Solutions Laser Trainer Review

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G-Sight Solutions is a small company that specializes in firearms laser technology. They sell laser sights, bore sighting tools, and laser trainers. I got the laser training kit for testing, and I was only asked to give an honest review of the product. This product works in conjunction with a free app that you can download on your phone. The app you download onto your smart phone is arguably the backbone of the laser training system since it is what tracks your shots and their placement.


The kit I was provided with by G-Sight was practically the full training kit in 9mm you can order from their site. The only difference is that I was not provided with the battery resupply pack that they provide customers who order the kit. I simply was provided with the training cartridge and the universal adjustable smart phone stand and holder.


The laser training cartridge is basically a brass cartridge with two hard polymer/rubber bands that are designed to secure the cartridge snugly in the chamber of your pistol of choice.

The box that the laser training cartridge comes in provides you with a reminder that you can download the training app on your smartphone. You will notice that at the bottom right hand of the box, there is a sticker with a caliber identification.

The back of the box has a list of things that their laser training cartridge does for you as the end user. I believe that most of the things they listed are actually experienced when you use the laser training package. The app does a real good job accurately showing how well you can place shots on target when doing things like pulling the trigger fast. I found that you can get really good training out of using a double action in conjunction with the laser trainer. Double action can be difficult to learn if you don’t have a good way to keep you honest of your progress.

The thing that sets this training system apart from other laser training system like SERT pistols and such is the fact that you can use any pistol you want, for the most part. As long as you are not using the 9mm laser training cartridge in a Walther or an H&K, you should should have a relatively easy time getting the training cartridge into the chamber.


The universal phone mount that G-Sight has is not made by them, but it is a product they offer to get users started in their dry fire practice. The clamp at the base of the mount operates by clamping on any surface that is up to 3 inches thick. This makes it perfect for latching onto desks, counters, and tables.

The middle of the mount is basically a flexible cable that can be bent to any curvature that you require in order to best balance your phone. The phone mount is an independent piece that secures to the top of the flexible cable on a polymer ball bearing.

This allows you to make minor adjustments to the angle of the phone for better focus on your target area. Overall, the product is very simple to figure out and use without the need for complex instructions. In other words, it is practically foolproof. As far as a mounting system, G-Sight will tell you that you can use any mount that you wish as long as you are able to set up the phone and aim it at your target area.

I personally do not think that this piece of gear is all that becoming of the quality that G-Sight is capable of, but it will definitely pay off for getting started and is a good value when you get the complete training kit. When I spoke to G-Sight over the phone, I was notified that they do intend to develop their own product that will offer the same versatility as this universal mount, but with a better design to suit the end user.


The Phone app is the heart of the training system. It is designed to help you track your shots and show you how accurate, or inaccurate you are being while you are conducting dry fire practice. The app is free, but the only section that is free is the 10 shot dry fire segment. There are three sections to choose from on the app training section. You can choose from 10 shot limited training, unlimited training, and shot timer training. The unlimited and shot timer trainer sections both cost about $4.99. That can be a hefty price for some people, but I use the Google Rewards app to pay for it. Basically they have you do surveys and they give you money to spend on apps.

The unlimited training section is just like the 10 shot training section but it will track your shots as long as you have battery. There is not time limit, but you wont see all your shots until you stop training. It can be pretty useful for most dry firing needs, in my opinion. The shot timer section of the app is kind of interesting. It lets you customize the settings to adjust the shots it registers before resetting, the total time for the practice setting, how many runs you do, etc. I would say this section of the app has limited usage and that would be in draw training or seeing how many rounds you can get on target in a certain amount of time. Overall, the app offers something that we cannot deny, honesty. It will be there to keep us honest and point out where our faults and strengths are.



The entire training package, like the set that I was given, goes for $69.99. Even if you pay out of pocket for the added apps, it will only be about $80 total. This package includes the laser training cartridge, the phone stand, and a set of 100 spare batteries. If you were to purchase the whole kit by buying each item individually, it would run for just under $80. This product is a great deal in my opinion, compared to other training lasers on the market. The ability to use this laser in virtually any pistol you carry and get an accurate idea of how you are shooting. I was not fortunate enough to receive a pack of batteries with my test sample, but the batteries are available on the G-Sight website if you need more batteries. Despite the fact that I am not pleased with the mount, I think it is a great way to get started.


I have had the luxury to test and evaluate some pretty cool products that will help you enhance your shooting capability and train your fingers to fight. But I think this laser training kit from G-Sight is one of the training systems that I would put at the top of the list of required training materials, if you are looking for things to help you shoot better and keep you honest.

After all, you can easily take this kit everywhere, it is inexpensive, and the kit facilitates you practicing with YOUR carry gun regularly. I have spent hours practicing with this laser trainer and I have yet to make the batteries go out on it. I think G-Sight is on the right path with this design. Of course there is always room for improvement, but this product shows alot of promise. It is affordable, convenient, simple to understand, compact, and very helpful.


As I am rating this system, I want to remind all readers that I am grading the entire kit as a whole. The universal phone mount, the app, and the laser training cartridge are all being graded as one whole system.





Overall Value14/20



The product in this review was provided by G-Sight under the condition that I give an HONEST review of the product. I am not under any written, verbal, or implied contract to give this product a good review. My opinions do not reflect the collective opinions of the other writers of Spotter Up, or the company as a whole.

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