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5.11 Sabre Jacket 2.0 Concealed Carry Jacket

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I really like the 5.11 Sabre 2.0 jacket and enjoy its look and functionality. This is a very good light weight, multi-purpose jacket. There are a lot of brands on the market that make similar looking jackets and there are some down-right knock offs too. Target, Walmart, and even Kmart have gotten in on the racket and created jackets that are very similar looking, with apparel that uses zippers on the chest and shoulders, but the Sabre is in a league of its own. The cut of the jacket with stitching in the best areas allows for freedom of movement. The Sabre has some pretty cool features and I’ll try to share all of them with you.

First, the jacket has very clean and cool, subdued appearance. It’s meant to be covert looking. It is simple and sleek looking and the subtlety comes from the lack of buttons, the low vis flaps of material and a lack of fabric overlays that make other jackets look too bulky. I specifically chose the Moss color because I prefer green but the jacket does come in Navy Blue, Black and Coyote. If you get the blue or black color and stroll around town I have no doubt you’ll probably look like any other guy about walking town. The Sabre has some features that are very useful and will set you apart from others and if you intend to pack a firearm, armor and a carrier well then, read-on!

The jacket has lots of roomy pockets. There are two vertical, seam-sealed chest pockets, two shoulder pockets, two waist pockets, two internal security pockets near the chest area, and one long pocket on the lower lumbar area of the jacket. The pocket in the back of the jacket is very wide, nearly the width of the jacket, and it’s also tall. You can put a paper map, notebook in there or any other flat item. The hip pockets use a soft inner material that acts as hand-warmers. One of the pockets includes a carabiner whereby you can attach a handcuff key or your car keys and this is good for people such as hikers or officers who can lose or misplace their keys. There are two drawcords for jacket adjustments hidden in the hand pockets. This jacket is great for compartmentalization.

The jacket includes a drop tail design. When manufacturers are going for savings over style they tend to scrimp on the material used and shorten the back of their jackets. A jacket with a good drop tail prevents rain water from soaking your backside. A nice little feature to have particularly when you are active.

The jacket comes with two integrated, storm cuffs. The cuffs have button snaps. You can button the cuffs down or batten the cuffs down tightly by using the hook and loop material in order to give you a water-resistant, tight fit close fit. The sleeves will not loosen easily.

The jacket uses YKK® zipper hardware weatherproof PU coated zippers and polyurethane inner coating for increased water resistance. The jacket is a polyester bonded softshell. The jacket is water-repellent but not at the Gore-tex level but it is still excellent in areas where a lot of rain falls. In states like Virginia where I am or in North Carolina where it can rain unexpectedly, particularly when it gets humid, the jacket comes in handy. The jacket is warm enough to be worn as an outer layer in cold winter temps, useful to shield against wind, and protective against in some alpine conditions but not severe weather.

The jacket comes with a detachable hood and includes a cinching draw-cordlock mechanism that is located on the back of the hood. If you are a gun instructor, hunter, or fisherman, the hood is excellent to have when the rain is pelting the back of your head. The hood delivers full protection without impeding your peripheral vision. The polyester soft-shell has a low level of wicking and does not absorb sweat. The interior of the jacket comes with a waterproof and breathable seam-sealed membrane and nylon and mesh liner. The jacket won’t keep you warm if the temperature drops below 50 F. I used the jacket today after it snowed today and it repelled the snow flakes easily. The jacket does well in a thunder storm. My only addition to this jacket would be pit zippers of some kind or some other armpit ventilation. I got really warm when the sun started shining even though it was still raining.

The shoulders come with enough Velcro patch panels to affix your favorite patch or agency logo. Speaking of patches and logos; the jacket comes with three zip-out ID panels. The front of the jacket utilizes two panels and the back of the jacket uses another panel that unzips and drops down quickly. You can add your agency badge, or logo, or descriptor such as Police, FBI, or EMS if needed to let crowds know you’re there to help, and for other agencies to identify you.

The best part of the jacket is their patented 5.11® Quixip® System for accelerated sidearm access. The jacket cinches together at the bottom of the jacket by using a plastic clip system that unsnaps very quickly and easily. There is a Quixip system on the left and right side of the jacket. I unzipped the jacket quickly and was able to do this multiple times with fail. Not only can you access your sidearm quickly but you can access your plate carrier and make adjustments to your armor, magazines and other equipment as need. Its kind of like using a sarape or a poncho but you will never be as cool as Clint Eastwood in the movie For a Few Dollars More. 

I think 5.11 has done a very good job here. The material is durable, the jacket looks fresh, the weight isn’t heavy and overall I am pleased with the jacket. The slim cut of the jacket patterning moves with your body and it will comfortably accommodates internal layers such as other snivel gear. I would prefer a jacket under 2 bills ($200.00) but I understand they’ve priced it as competitively as they could considering all of the features and benefits such as the stitching, fit and function. At $250.00 I don’t think you can go wrong.

It’s going to give you more gas than the BLACKHAWK!® Men’s Tactical Soft-Shell Jacket at $159.00 or similarly priced lower end models. It’s not as costly as the Vertx Solid Smock jacket at $350.00 or the Arc’Teryx Leaf Jacket at $350.00 and the closest is the Under Armour Coldgear Infrared Shell at $250.00. These are all great jackets but if you’re looking for a jacket that gives you quick access to your kit (your gear: weapon, carrier, ammo and armor and even a rifle and sling) and the drop-down ID flaps, this is the one you want.

Functionality: 5/5
Durability: 3/5
Cost: 4/5
Comfort: 4/5
Weight: 5/5
Overall Total: 21/25


  • Covert appearance, maximum utility
  • Wind and water repellant
  • Patented 5.11® Quixip® System for accelerated sidearm access


  • Polyester bonded softshell
  • Waterproof and breathable seam-sealed membrane
  • Handwarmer pockets
  • Roomy internal pockets
  • Utility pockets at each shoulder
  • Three zip-out ID panels
  • Detachable hood
  • Integrated Storm cuffs
  • Drop tail design
  • YKK® zipper hardware
  • Imported

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