February 4, 2023

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While attending the 2018 Modern Day Marine Expo at Quantico, VA I had the pleasure of meeting John Siver from FITS®. As I looked over his display of socks the FITS® socks looked different. John gave me a pair and I could see and feel the difference in my hands. The toe of the sock had a dynamic toe cup that contoured to the shape of your toes. The heel of the sock also looked deeper and the material felt different on the outside than on the inside. John explained that the outside of the sock was constructed of a nylon material for increased durability while the inside of the sock was made of Merino wool naturally anti-microbial and feels great next to the skin. I was so intrigued by these socks that I asked John if he could give me a pair to evaluate over the next few months. Let me introduce you to the amazing FITS® Tactical Boot sock. These sock’s are a must-buy for athletes, outdoorsman, military or law enforcement professional, or anybody who wants to take care of his/her feet.

Over the last few months I have tested these socks in a variety of conditions. I used these socks in a range of weather conditions, terrain, and on long hikes under load; they never failed me and I received zero blisters, chafing, or hot spots. While hunting and sitting in blinds my feet remained warm and comfortable. I thought so highly of these socks I got my son, a 2nd Lieutenant in the Marine Corps, a pair so he could use them while going through The Basic School at Quantico, VA. My son has worn these socks on a number of conditioning marches, field exercises in extreme weather conditions, and on the famed Endurance Course. This consists of an O-Course and 5 miles with various obstacles in the middle, all while carrying a load-bearing vest with an assault pack full of gear, kevlar, and your rifle. My son told me these are the most comfortable socks he has ever worn. They kept his feet warm and they are very durable.

I am highly impressed with these socks. The style, insulation, materials, and fit of these socks is second to none. They are tough on the outside, full of cushion on the inside, and the moisture-managing Merino wool helps your feet stay comfortable on the inside. Why do these socks feel so good? They have a full wrap around cushioning on the entire foot, durable nylon reinforced exterior, dynamic toe cap that contours to the shape of your toes, a heel lock super deep heel pocket with ample cross stretch that locks the sock on your heel, and a full contact cuff that stays in place due to a tighter ankle and looser calf.  All these factors combined keep your feet feeling great.


Comfort – all around cushioning

Nice wicking and breathability



Drying speed


They are excellent socks but might be pricey for some shoppers.

The thing I love most about this company is they are an American Company committed to providing our armed services and first responders with the best socks on the market. They are used by elite operators, and the tactical series is a combat-proven, dependable piece of equipment made especially for our nation’s best. The company has leveraged their unique technology to create a reliable piece of gear that’s a must have for the most demanding environments and situations. The quality of these socks, unbelievable price point, coupled with exclusive discounts for service members make these socks your first and only choice.

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  1. I’m late to the party, I know. I start a new gig in two weeks (working at the New Orleans Superdome doing explosive sweeps with my K9) and knowing that I’ll be on my feet a lot, I turned to Spotter Up to see if there were any sock reviews. Based on this review, I have ordered a pair of the FITS Light Hikers. I hope they do as well for me as they did for your son in TBS.

    Thanks for the review!

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