Altama Boots says they are the “… world’s most recognized name in military, tactical, and duty footwear.” They have been making boots and shoes for the US military, law enforcement and other first responders for just shy of 50 years (founded in 1969). Many of us have worn Altama boots in our various service capacities.

I no longer need serious combat boots. These days, the only boots I need are good cowboy boots and good hiking boots. I always need good trail shoes for hiking, running and hunting though. So I was excited to get a pair of Altama’s Aboottabad Trail Low trail running shoes. And yes, I groaned at the pun in the name too.

First impressions
Out of the box, it’s a good looking shoe for a trailrunner/hiker. I got it in two-tone black/grey. It is also available in black and coyote for those that want it as a duty shoe.

The first thing I noticed when I put it on was the arch in the instep. Altama has built up the arch for increased durability while fast roping. In the end, I stopped noticing it but for folks with wider or flatter feet, I wondered if it might have a more significant impact.

I have not run in it yet as my normal running trails are snow covered and while the rubber sole does very well on rock, it does poorly on ice.They have served me well as I have spent time on the farm wearing it for chores, hikes, travel and even time in the deer stand. I was surprised my feet did not get cold while sitting still. They stayed a comfortable temperature.

Fit and Comfort
The footbed is comfortable and even after a full day of wearing the shoes my feet feel great. I have narrow feet, and this shoe fits my foot very well. On rocky terrain, the cushioning definitely provides protection against the stray stone that might bruise your foot.

After wearing it for a couple of weeks, it is comfortable, warm (I’m testing it during a cold New England winter) and robust. I will wait until spring to take on the trails as a runner. Until then though, I will keep it in rotation as light duty hiking and/or casual shoe.

I don’t need the added support in the instep for fast roping (it has been a looong time), but the molded rubber outsole and toe is plenty robust enough for helping me kick open stubborn truck tailgates, or roll logs over to the splitter.

The shoe is heavy for a low trailrunner. It weighs 15 ounces, double some of my regular running shoes and 25% heavier than some other trail runners I have used.

I also didn’t like the laces. I think the nylon loops are great for quick adjustment, I just didn’t feel the laces that come with the shoes are robust enough. They are too thin and thus when pulling to tighten the shoe, dig into my hands. I will replace those with a better pair of laces.

From the manufacturer’s website
Rugged Trail Runners having tactical features starting with Altama’s legendary Panama Sole technology. Using sticky SOFROC™ rubber that wraps up in the arch to aid in fast roping, we’ve turned a typical trail runner into a tactical machine!

•Panama Sole Technology using SOF ROC™ rubber
•Dual density EVA midsole
•Full length Rock ‘n Roll Plate™
•Quick drying nylon mesh and microfiber PU upper
•Molded external rubber toe
•Injection molded TPU Heel Counter support
•Nylon loop lacing system
•Alta-lite™ blown PU insole
15 Oz. (420g)

Cost – List price is $139.99, on par with other premium trail running shoes. Many competitive options can be found at about half the cost however. 3.
Comfort – They are comfortable and easy to wear. 4
Durability – Extremely robust and well made, an easy 5.
Functionality – Very functional, does what you need it to. 4
Weight – At 15 ounces, these shoes are significantly heavier than other trail runners I use. In many cases 25-50% heavier. 3
Overall rating – 19 out of 25. I’ll wear these shoes as “knock around” shoes and for hiking, but I wouldn’t put any serious trail running miles on them.

Material Disclosure

I received this product as a courtesy from the manufacturer via Spotter Up so I could test it and give my honest feedback. I am not bound by any written, verbal, or implied contract to give this product a good review. All opinions are my own and are based off my personal experience with the product.

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By DougP

Doug is a former CIA officer with extensive overseas experience in Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East. He has an MBA from Wharton and worked in high tech, private equity and manufacturing. He regularly writes on business and intelligence topics for both web and print publications and advises on film and TV productions

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