December 10, 2022

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I first came across Edge Safety Glasses at the range Day at Shot Show 2018.  They had a very impressive display highlighting their glasses anti-fogging feature.  I received a set of their clear Zorge G2 with an anti-fog coating glasses a couple of months later and I’m impressed with them now as I was then.  These are great range glasses and have become my go to glasses for most of my range sessions.

These glasses are rated to take a shotgun blast at 10 meters.  Of course, one’s face won’t do well this level of protection is absolutely necessary for shooters whether they realize it or not.  The glasses feature full eye coverage with a Z87 ANSI lens eliminating brass or target backsplash if you’re shooting responsibly.  You shouldn’t shoot steel with a pistol inside 10 yards and as experienced shooters know brass can be very hot and bounce into awkward places during a range session especially inside an indoor booth.  The close fit has even stopped .22 brass from bouncing behind the lenses.

Their strongest quality though is they are simultaneously very form fitting with no fogging.  If one shoots a lot in humid conditions or works up a sweat fogging becomes a real issue while wearing glasses.  I have never had that issue with my edge glasses with their anti-fogging coating.  At Shot Show their booth featured a misting machine one would use to take wrinkles out of clothes.  The machine easily fogged up conventional glasses but didn’t with their anti-fogging agent treated glasses.  I was interested in finding out if they were as good in real life.  They are.

I received my glasses in the spring but wanted to give them a real test through a Florida summer.  They have never disappointed me.  I even wore them under a paintball mask while doing active shooter simunition role playing for local police in an indoor facility.  I’m talking very little air circulation with high levels of activity and the lenses on my edge glasses stayed clear even though my airsoft mask lens was completely fogged up except for a quarter sized hole I had to angle my head to see through.  Winner!

During numerous personal range sessions and those teaching new shooters I found the glasses to be incredibly light and clear.  Many times, I would forget to remove them after the session even after teaching an hour-long class.  It was only while packing up my gear I noticed I still had my glasses on.

Another positive are the temples are very thin yet strong enough to hug one’s face.  The thin and close design minimizes the chance of brass hanging up on the temple while burning the skin on your face. They also make it easy to put on your glasses AFTER donning ear muffs, a challenging and awkward dance for those of us who have forgotten to put your eye pro on before your ear pro.  The slim temples help a lot in maintaining a good noise seal with quality hear muffs.  Finally, after a longer shooting session the minimized temple form mitigated discomfort I usually suffer with many safety glasses resulting from the ear muffs pressing the temple into my head over a prolonged period.

The glasses are pretty tough.  The frame is near indestructible.  I’ve seen their frames tied up into knots yet return to shape after being unknotted.  Granted don’t let your glasses sit in that torturous position over night. My lenses remain unscratched with months of use and I leave them on the dash of my truck so they get banged around quite a bit.  That said I wish my glasses came with a case besides the handy fabric pouch that serves double duty as a lens cleaner.

I highly recommend these glasses for shooting in high humidity or very active situations. They’re super lightweight, feature tough performance with excellent light transmission even in the most humid conditions when normal glasses fog up. Coupled with their very form fitting factor these are a top-notch choice for the serious shooter.


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