February 28, 2021

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I posted a loadout picture of my travel EDC in our Instagram, but I thought that it might be nice to make a more detailed list of all the things my loadout consists of.

The idea is that I won’t carry everything at once, but I will change the loadout for different tasks from my larger travel bag. The E&E is going to get me through the streets of LA and San Francisco, but also have me covered in the trails of the national parks, like Yosemite. So that is why I have a lot of survival items there too.

I will add a link to a review or an article on the item, if we have one.

The Loadout

The Back Pack

-Kifaru E&E. Brilliant small back pack. Light weight enough, yet rugged and dependable. Inside there are two Kifaru chamber pockets to help to keep the smaller items organized.

Larger items in the top left corner:

Nalgene 1l wide mouth bottle. For water, my go to water container.

Outdoor Research Dry bag. Inside some spare clothes. This is mainly in case my larger bag gets mishandled between the flights.

Magpul Technical Gloves, with a tac-link for attaching, etc.

-Everest Light Down Jacket. A cheap, lightweight jacket for added insulation when in the trails. Packet in its own pocket.

Survival items to be packed in the lower chamber pocket:

-Prometheus Design Werx EWBC and silicon carrier.

Petzl head lamp.

-Pair of Triple Aught Design Batuca battery holders.

-Outdoor Edge LeDuck survival knife with kydex sheat.

-Paracord survival bracelet, made by my brother.

Items quick at hand:

-Triple Aught Design iComm pouch. And meant to be packed inside it:

-Lens pen.

-Leatherman Tool.

-Burton 1-7x ocular.

-Warrior Assault Systems IFAK. Inside all kinds of medical supplies needed for the trip.

Field notes and EDC items in the top chamber pocket, or in pants/jacket pockets:

-Notebook Cover mkII in M05 camo, made by yours truly. Inside it:

-Field Notes Expedition Notebook,

-Sharpie and a Ballpoint pen,

-And some extra morale patches, including the PDW SOLAS patch, in case I need to increase my visibility.

Magpul DAKA essentials wallet for my cards.

-My keys with a Luava EDC leather strap, excellent Finnish product!

-Phone charger.

Victorinox Climber, in the top chamber pocket or jacket pocket.

And other larger items on the carry:

-Canon 500D, my trusted old war steed. The lens changes depending on the occasion.

-A MSA Paraclete Medium General Purpose pouch. Might be mounted on the lid of the E&E, mainly for camera storage pouch.

-Triple Aught Design Praetorian Hoodie. Slick looking and very capable in most circumstances.

That is about it. This reflects my ordinary EDC too, missing some items and with some items added. We will do an EDC update both of us in the nearish future, so stay tuned for that!


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