June 30, 2022

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EDC Choices: Stop Asking What Others Would Choose

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Jon’s EDC Loadout

You have no idea how often I get asked what EDC setup I recommend, or which one I would choose if given a choice between certain pistols for daily carry. But this is not exclusive to guns, but rather crosses over into all things. What is my recommendation on a good beer, car, hotel franchise, type of clothing, and the list goes on. Sometimes I am asked why I recommend certain things over others, but other times what I state is not questioned and it becomes someones strongest reason for a certain purchase. I am telling you all right now that this is a huge problem to me.

Each person is different and will have their own priorities and experiences. I certainly have my own biases based on my unique experiences and priorities that many others do not share. Everyone has a point of view on the balance of function, performance, and value. Stop asking what someone else would recommend for anything. Even if you ask several people who seem to be “in the know”, they are not you and they do not always value certain characteristics the way you do. So why the heck would you think their experience with a certain product is going to be the same for you?

I know this may seem hypocritical to tell people to stop basing their purchase on my recommendations, but it is actually very simple. All I am saying is that my opinion and experience can be used as an example of the possible outcomes with a certain product, whether good or bad. I do not consider myself or anyone else in the world an expert on any product. There are just people who spend alot of time using certain things more than others. That doesn’t mean that their opinion counts as gold when weighed against others. Weigh their experience with a product as possible performance or outcomes, but I encourage people to do something different.

Personally, I always look at the negative reviews about products I want to buy. On Amazon, for instance, you can look at 1,000 bad reviews of a product and see short answers on some, and then some well thought out reviews. My advice is to learn how to think about these bad reviews in context and realism. Think about those that hate Glocks, for instance. They may tell you to stay away from them, but are their reasons more well thought out and based on more than their own perceptions of ergonomics? Is it based on hearsay of what they say they saw or heard others say, or is it real first hand experience with detailed explanations?

Basically, people need to be thinkers and ponder what they are doing before just doing what others say they would do. At the end of the day, you are the one living your life. You need to make your own choices and stop leaving it to others to decide what is better based on their bias, because it isn’t always a reasonable and experience based bias. Stop being fearful followers that don’t want to make any hard choices, and would rather go with the flow of everyone else. That is how you become a sheep. Stand tall and decide your own destiny instead of trusting others to know what is best for you. It all starts by making your own decisions on material purchases and living with them.

For this example, the video covers carry guns because it is one of the most often covered topics.


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