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Anything good is usually copied by others and sometimes copied in a shabby way. Enter the I Don’t Kneel apparel brand created in response to football players in the National Football League kneeling during the playing of the U.S. national anthem. Many believe the protests are disrespectful and unpatriotic, not just of the U.S. flag, but of the police, the military and the national anthem itself.

I want to point out that I DONT KNEEL was created by a former Navy SEAL named C who today is still out there doing “stuff” that most wouldn’t. The idea for the apparel brand came to him overnight after watching his television in disgust. Rather than throw a brick at his television, or do something else out of line, he decided to create something that would inspire others. Just like a focused Navy SEAL, he started building a website (, sourced out American made apparel blanks on which to affix the brand name, he filed a trademark and did a litany of other things, in order to get the ball rolling.

The name hit it big time (well not really because his idea has been copied) when he mailed one of his t-shirts to Tomi Lahren.  Once she wore it on television it was immediately copied by everyone with a printing press. Tomi Lahren is an American conservative political commentator, and former television host. In fact a quick Google internet search will turn up sites that sell “Tomi Lawren I Dont Kneel Shirts”. Let’s be clear here-C started this brand. He doesn’t ever want this brand to be about him and it never will be. You won’t see anything about him on the company website but you will see some pretty cool apparel there. Every single item of clothing is made in America. All of it is made in the USA. He found out while searching for quality apparel that there were about three companies in the US of A making American made apparel while the rest comes from overseas, particularly China. Go figure. I Dont Kneel from China.

He has made very little off of it and I don’t think that’s right. He missed a lot of sales because he was deployed. In fact a customer once placed an order for 500 shirts but he couldn’t respond because he was in Afghanistan. Sad story of a real hero. C’s company is the only officially licensed retailer of I DON’T KNEEL Apparel. But he’s losing sales because of knock-offs. This happens, sure.

I spoke to him last night and he told me, “Won’t lie brother, when you put it on you feel better. “I don’t Kneel” below the flag makes it everything. I expect nothing my man, just wear the flag with pride.” I wore the hoodie on a long run this afternoon and I felt 10 feet tall. The quality is very good. The hoodie is athletic fitting and the shirts are dope.

I hope you’ll patronize his shop and avoid those that are making money off of something he started. Free Shipping and Tax are included on APO and US orders. You may return/exchange your unworn item in the same condition within 30 days of receiving it. Sale items are not returnable or exchangeable. To return/exchange an item, send them an email at to start the process. In fact email them and buy a shirt or two and tell C how much you support what he is doing. He just wants people to be proud of the country they live in. No place is perfect and there is injustice everywhere yet guys like C believe this is the greatest country in the world. He doesn’t live the privileged life of a football player that makes millions. He put his money where his mouth is by putting his time in many dangerous places across the world. He chooses to create things that honor this nation and I think this is a great brand to let people know how great it is. Guys like him are great too.





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