“We men are wretched things.”― Homer, The Iliad

Combatives draws us in for the fighting but truly the real reasons behind Combatives are about character.

There are many false idols of what a man defined should be. Being so connected to others yet for most we have no connection to ourselves and what we should be. Men often gravitate to stories surrounding archetypal heroes such as King Leonidas of Sparta or Prince Hector of Troy for inspiration of being a great warrior.

We are moved by these stories of grit, hardship, and battle because in deep down these are all the type of men we would like see in the mirror. When we look in the mirror we want to define ourselves as both righteous and fierce.

We men initially grow up with a desire to be the battle hardened warrior but until we find love ourselves it is then we realize that the heroes we idolized were unwavering in their passionate loyalty to their women. Despite all our strength and ferocity it is the tenderness of the woman we commit to that really teaches us how fierce we are.

These stories live on through and past our times not simply because we want to teach our boys how to be indomitable but also to pass on the lessons of what is truly important to a man; his woman.

I am a good friend but any attempt to hurt the ones I love and you will find no worse or savage of an enemy.

From that first moment her eyes are piercing. They dig deep into his soul and make him face all the most vile parts of his being.

We don’t all get to have our Persians at Thermopylae moment. At times our enemy is already in homes and in our being. It’s our habits and vices. It is the love of his woman that makes the man reflect on his life and put it in order.

We men ARE wretched things.

But SHE gives us the reason to pursue being worthy.

Today is no different from yesterday.

Love her with passion and ferocity.

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